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What to Expect From My Showdown Articles

what to expect

Each week, I will provide three articles for each primetime showdown contest. 

For those unaware, showdown contests are picking players from a single matchup. The scoring stays the same for both DraftKings and FanDuel, but the format and player pools change. You are given the same salary to select each player. For DraftKings, however, you pick six players, whereas FanDuel has five. Each site has a multiplier position that will multiply their points by 1.5 times their total score, and flexes that do not get any change in points. For example, if Aaron Rodgers scored 20 points, he would score 30 as the multiplier spot. He would only score 20 points as a flex. DraftKings bumps the multiplier position's total salary by 1.5 times, but FanDuel's salary stays the same. The player pool for both sites includes quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends and kickers. DraftKings also includes defenses.

Here's what to expect from my showdown articles going forward.

Matchup Breakdown

The first portion of my articles will be a quick paragraph about a previous matchup, an overview of the stats in the matchup, and quick-hitting examples of some relevant stats. For example, the Rams gave up the 10th-most yards per attempt to slot wide receivers. Isaiah McKenzie is supposed to be the primary slot for the Bills and will be looking at a big role. Then, I will provide two charts of relevant data. For offense, it will include the top two personnel groups, yards per attempt against Man, Zone, and the Blitz, Target shares to each personnel group, yards per carry, the running scheme, and their red zone splits. For defense, it will have the Coverage percentages of Zone vs. Man, the top two most frequent coverages, the blitz percentage, how often they stack the box, yards per carry, and red zone TD %. 

Player Pool

There will be quick-hitting notes on each player that is in my pool. There will be a Multiplier Pool consisting of every player I consider at the 1.5x spot. These players are also worth consideration for the flex positions. The Flex Pool will consist of only players I will play at the flex position. I try to eliminate every player I am not considering playing in my lineups to give you guys a better way to build. For showdown contests, in the big tournaments, you will need to have the perfect lineup because of the massive amounts of players entering them, and my preference will be single entry and picking one spot to get an edge.