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Week 8 NFL Quarterback Power Rankings

The 33rd Team’s weekly QB rankings are a snapshot of where the league’s 32 current starters are right now, taking into account the player’s recent production, his supporting cast, his health, and an evaluation by our scouting department, led by former NFL team executive T.J. McCreight and assisted by scouts Justin Casey, Kevin Cohn and Evan Pritt.

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1. Josh Allen, Bills

Record: 5-1 | QB Rating: 109.1 | Prev. Rank: 1

Next Three Weeks: vs. Bills, at Jets, vs. Vikings

Comment: The Bills' QB has 17 TDs and only four picks. The team had a bye this week.

2. Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs

Record: 5-2 | QB Rating: 109.5 | Prev. Rank: 2

Next Three Weeks: BYE, vs. Titans, vs. Jaguars

Comment: He had a huge game in their win against the 49ers as Mahomes passed for 423 yards and three touchdowns.

3. Joe Burrow, Bengals

Record: 4-3 | QB Rating: 102.6 | Prev. Rank: 4

Next Three Weeks: at Browns, vs. Panthers, BYE

Comment: Another huge day for Burrow throwing for 481 yards and three TDs in the Bengals’ victory over Atlanta. He was so outstanding we bumped him up one spot.

4. Jalen Hurts, Eagles

Record: 6-0 | QB Rating: 98.4 | Prev. Rank: 3

Next Three Weeks: vs. Steelers, at Texans, vs. Commanders

Comment: Hurts has 293 yards rushing for an Eagles team that had a bye this week. He only dropped due to Burrow’s massive performance.

5. Lamar Jackson, Ravens

Record: 4-3 | QB Rating: 92.1 | Prev. Rank: 5

Next Three Weeks: at Buccaneers, at Saints, BYE

Comment: Jackson did enough to beat the Browns while rushing for 59 yards and throwing for 120. All the while completing only nine passes.

6. Justin Herbert, Chargers

Record: 4-3 | QB Rating: 91.8 | Prev. Rank: 6

Next Three Weeks: BYE, at Falcons, at 49ers

Comment: He passed for 293 yards and two touchdowns this week, but it was not enough as the Chargers lost to Seattle 37-23.

7. Geno Smith, Seahawks

Record: 4-3 | QB Rating: 107.7 | Prev. Rank: 15

Next Three Weeks: vs. Giants, at Cardinals, at Buccaneers (in Munich, Germany)

Comment: Smith got Seattle its fourth win as he was 20 of 27 with two touchdowns and one interception in the victory over the Chargers.

8. Kirk Cousins, Vikings

Record: 5-1 | QB Rating: 88.7 | Prev. Rank: 7

Next Three Weeks: vs. Cardinals, at Commanders, at Bills

Comment: He has passed for 1,502 yards thus far for the Vikings, who had a bye.

9. Tua Tagovailoa, Dolphins

Record: 4-1 | QB Rating: 105.9 | Prev. Rank: 8

Next Three Weeks: at Lions, at Bears, vs. Dolphins

Comment: H returned to the lineup for Miami on Sunday night against the Steelers after his concussion. Tagovailoa did not turn the ball over and was not sacked as the Dolphins won at home against Pittsburgh.

10. Matthew Stafford, Rams

Record: 3-3 | QB Rating: 84.6 | Prev. Rank: 10

Next Three Weeks: vs. 49ers, at Buccaneers, vs. Cardinals

Comment: He has thrown six TDs but eight picks thus far for the Rams, who had a bye this past week.

11. Aaron Rodgers, Packers

Record: 3-4| QB Rating: 94.9 | Prev. Rank: 11

Next Three Weeks: at Bills, at Lions, vs. Cowboys

Comment: Rodgers threw two TDs but was under 200 yards passing in a loss to Washington.  

12. Dak Prescott, Cowboys

Record: 1-1 | QB Rating: 77.8 | Prev. Rank: 12

Next Three Weeks: vs. Bears, BYE, at Packers

Comment: He returned to the lineup in a win over the Lions, throwing for 207 yards, one TD and no picks as the Cowboys try to keep pace with the Eagles.

13. Tom Brady, Buccaneers

Record: 3-4 | QB Rating: 92.8 | Prev. Rank: 9

Next Three Weeks: vs. Ravens, vs. Rams, vs. Seahawks (in Munich, Germany)

Comment: Losing to the scrappy Panthers, Brady and the Bucs were unable to put the ball into the end zone. People are starting to press the panic button in Tampa.

14. Derek Carr, Raiders

Record: 2-4 | QB Rating: 91.3 | Prev. Rank: 16

Next Three Weeks: at Saints, at Jaguars, vs. Colts

Comment: Carr had a solid day with only six incompletions and a touchdown, and did not have a turnover.

15. Daniel Jones, Giants

Record: 6-1 | QB Rating: 91.8 | Prev. Rank: 17

Next Three Weeks: at Seahawks, BYE, vs. Texans

Comment: The Giants improve to an impressive 6-1 as Jones threw for 202 yards and a touchdown.

16. Jared Goff, Lions

Record: 1-5 | QB Rating: 90.6 | Prev. Rank: 13

Next Three Weeks: vs. Dolphins, vs. Packers, at Bears

Comment: He was an impressive 21 of 26 but also threw an unimpressive two picks in a loss to the Cowboys.

17. Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers

Record: 2-3 | QB Rating: 95.7 | Prev. Rank: 14

Next Three Weeks: at Rams, BYE, vs. Chargers

Comment: He could not keep up with Mahomes as he was sacked five times and was bounced around a bit too much.

18. Kyler Murray, Cardinals

Record: 3-4 | QB Rating: 83.7 | Prev. Rank: 20

Next Three Weeks: at Vikings, vs. Seahawks, at Rams

Comment: Murray threw for 204 yards and rushed for 30 on Thursday night as the Cardinals beat the Saints, improving their record to 3-4.

19. Ryan Tannehill, Titans

Record: 4-2 | QB Rating: 92.8 | Prev. Rank: 21

Next Three Weeks: at Texans, at Chiefs, vs. Broncos

Comment: He got banged up but showed his toughness by returning to the game in a win against the Colts.

20. Trevor Lawrence, Jaguars

Record: 2-5 | QB Rating: 88.9 | Prev. Rank: 19

Next Three Weeks: vs. Broncos (in London), vs. Raiders, at Chiefs

Comment: Lawrence did not throw a touchdown but also did not throw a pick, as he did not do enough to beat the New York Giants.

21. Zach Wilson, Jets

Record: 4-0 | QB Rating: 73.6 | Prev. Rank: 22

Next Three Weeks: vs. Patriots, vs. Bills, BYE

Comment: Wilson managed the game and protected the football as the Jets improved to 5-2.

22. Jacoby Brissett, Browns

Record: 2-5 | QB Rating: 82.3 | Prev. Rank: 23

Next Three Weeks: vs. Bengals, BYE, at Dolphins

Comment: Brissett was an efficient 22 of 27 but was sacked five times and had a costly fumble in a loss to the Ravens, as the Browns continue to tumble.

23. Andy Dalton, Saints

Record: 1-3 | QB Rating: 90.1 | Prev. Rank: 27

Next Three Weeks: vs. Raiders, vs. Ravens, at Steelers

Comment: He threw four touchdowns but also three picks in a loss to the Cardinals on Thursday night.

24. Justin Fields, Bears

Record: 2-4 | QB Rating: 72.7 | Prev. Rank: 29

Next Three Games: at Cowboys, vs. Dolphins, vs. Lions

Comment: He still holds onto the ball too long, but the coaching staff did a better job playing to his strengths in their win over the Patroits.

25. Davis Mills, Texans

Record: 1-4-1 | QB Rating: 83.6 | Prev. Rank: 28

Next Three Weeks: vs. Titans, vs. Eagles, at Giants

Comment: Mills passed for two touchdowns and 302 yards but also threw a pick, and did not do enough to win against the Raiders.

26. Bailey Zappe, Patriots

Record: 2-0 | QB Rating: 111.4 | Prev. Rank: 24

Next Three Weeks: at Jets, vs. Colts, BYE

Comment: It could be Mac Jones going forward, but only Bill Belichick knows the answer to that. 

27. Taylor Heinicke, Commanders

Record: 1-0 | QB Rating: 85.5 | Prev. Rank: 31

Next Three Weeks: at Colts, vs. Commanders, at Eagles

Comment: He was 20 of 33 with two touchdowns and one pick in a big win against the Packers.

28. P.J. Walker, Panthers

Record: 1-1 | QB Rating: 104.1 | Prev. Rank: 32

Next Three Weeks: at Falcons, at Bengals, vs. Falcons

Comment: He went 16-for-22 with 177 yards, one touchdown and no picks in their victory against Tampa Bay.

29. Marcus Mariota, Falcons

Record: 3-4 | QB Rating: 90.4 | Prev. Rank: 26

Next Three Weeks: vs. Panthers, vs. Chargers, at Panthers

Comment: He could not come close to matching Burrow while only completing eight passes in a loss to the Bengals.

30. Kenny Pickett, Steelers

Record: 1-2 | QB Rating: 66.7 | Prev. Rank: 30

Next Three Games: at Eagles, BYE, vs. Saints

Comment: The rookie threw three INTs in their loss to the Dolphins.

31. Brett Rypien, Broncos

Record: 0-1 | QB Rating: 56.9 | Prev. Rank: NR

Next Three Games: at Jaguars (in London), BYE, at Titans

Comment: He did not do enough to beat the Jets, as he threw for 225 yards and one INT.

32. Sam Ehlinger, Colts

Record: 0-0 | QB Rating: N/A | Prev. Rank: NR

Next Three Weeks: vs. Commanders, at Patriots, at Raiders

Comment: He will start for the Colts moving forward. He is in his second season (has never started before) and is a former sixth-round pick out of Texas.

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