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Post-Super Bowl LVII Power Rankings: Chiefs Reign Over NFL Yet Again

The Super Bowl has wrapped and so has the entire 2022 NFL season. Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are champions once again, which lands them in the top spot on the power rankings. It's the Chiefs' second Super Bowl win in the past four years.

There's a long offseason ahead and many changes could come over the next few months, but let's take a look at where things stand right after Super Bowl LVII (2024 Super Bowl odds courtesy of FanDuel):

1. Kansas City Chiefs (17-3)

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Good news: Until Patrick Mahomes decides to get on with the rest of his life, which won't be for awhile, the Chiefs will be a Super Bowl contender every year.

Bad news: The defense is still inconsistent. The Chiefs were 16th in points allowed (21.7 per game) and 30th in red zone touchdown percentage (65.5%) this season.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +400

2. Philadelphia Eagles (16-4)

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Good news: The Eagles have one of the best young quarterbacks in the league in Jalen Hurts.

Bad news: Both of their coordinators are gone. Offensive coordinator Shane Steichen is got the Colts' head-coaching job, and defensive chief Jonathan Gannon was hired for the Cardinals' top coaching job.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +900

3. Cincinnati Bengals (14-5)

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Good news: Just two QBs – Mahomes and the Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen – have thrown more touchdown passes the last two seasons than Cincinnati Bengals signal-caller Joe Burrow (69).

Bad news: Their three-point loss to the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game will haunt them all offseason.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +900

4. San Francisco 49ers (15-5)

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Good news: San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy apparently will not need Tommy John surgery on his right elbow. He’ll have surgery next week but is expected to be ready for the start of training camp.

Bad news: The 49ers don’t have a first- or second-round pick in this year’s draft.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +900

5. Buffalo Bills (14-4)

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Good news: Josh Allen doesn’t need surgery on his injured elbow and is on track for a full recovery in time for the 2023 season.

Bad news: The Bills have made the playoffs in five of Sean McDermott’s six seasons as head coach. But they’ve made it to the AFC Championship Game just once.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +850

6. Jacksonville Jaguars (10-9)

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Good news: Trevor Lawrence's passer rating jumped 25 points this season, and the sky’s the limit for him in Doug Pederson’s offense.

Bad news: After spending more money on free agents last year than any team in history, the Jacksonville Jaguars won’t be players in 2023.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +2500

7. Dallas Cowboys (13-6)

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Good news: Dan Quinn, the team’s respected defensive coordinator, turned down multiple head-coaching offers to stay with the Dallas Cowboys for at least another year.

Bad news: Dak Prescott threw 17 interceptions in 19 games, including 13 in his last nine. He averaged one every 26.3 attempts this season compared to one every 59.6 last year.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +1500

8. Los Angeles Chargers (10-8)

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Good news: The Los Angeles Chargers were 5-2 when Justin Herbert had both of his top two WRs, Keenan Allen and Mike Williams.

Bad news: The Chargers' run defense once again was a sieve, allowing 145.8 yards per game and 5.4 yards per carry.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +2000

9. Detroit Lions (9-8)

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Good news: The Detroit Lions made a six-win improvement this season and have the draft ammunition to take the next step with two of the draft’s first 18 picks. They have four picks in the first two rounds and five of the top 81 selections.

Bad news: Chunk plays killed the Lions' defense this season. They gave up the third-most 20-plus-yard pass plays (60) and the eighth-most 10-plus-yard run plays (62).

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +2500

10. New York Giants (10-8-1)

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Good news: The New York Giants don’t need to go find another quarterback after all. Daniel Jones has turned out to be a keeper.

Bad news: They do need to find some players at other positions, however, including wide receiver. The Giants had a league-low 28 pass completions of 20 yards or more.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +4000

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-8)

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Good news: The Pittsburgh Steelers finished strong, winning six of their last seven. The defense held opponents to 14.6 points per game in those last seven games.

Bad news: Kenny Pickett’s rookie numbers weren’t very good. He had two more interceptions (nine) than TD passes (seven) and finished 33rd in yards per attempt (6.2).

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +5000

12. Baltimore Ravens (10-8)

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Good news: The Baltimore Ravens are saying all the right things about hanging on to Lamar Jackson.

Bad news: Nobody really believes in them.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +1600

13. Minnesota Vikings (13-5)

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Good news: The Minnesota Vikings' 13 regular-season wins equaled the most in franchise history, even if 11 of them were by eight points or less.

Bad news: After finishing 30th in points allowed and 31st in yards allowed, the defense needs a facelift, but the Vikings don’t have any cap space. New defensive coordinator Brian Flores has his work cut out for him.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +4000

14. Miami Dolphins (9-9)

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Good news: Any concerns that Tua Tagovailoa’s concussions might end his career seem to be alleviated. He cleared concussion protocol last month and will fully participate in the team’s offseason program.

Bad news: The Miami Dolphins don’t have a first-round pick this year after getting whacked by the league for tampering with Tom Brady last year.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +3000

15. Seattle Seahawks (9-9)

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Good news: Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider, who found four starters in the first five rounds of last year’s draft, have two top-20 picks this year, including No. 5 thanks to the Russell Wilson trade.

Bad news: The Seattle Seahawks finished 27th in red zone touchdown percentage (48.3).

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +6000

16. Green Bay Packers (8-9)

Previous: 14

Good news: The Green Bay Packers finished strong after a 4-8 start, winning four of their last five games. Their defense allowed just 17.6 points per game in those five games.

Bad news: Yet another Packers offseason begins with uncertainty about the future of Aaron Rodgers. Recent reporting indicates the New York Jets already have called the Packers about a potential trade.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +3500

17. Carolina Panthers (7-10)

Previous: 19

Good news: The Carolina Panthers averaged 151.4 yards per game on the ground after trading Christian McCaffrey to the 49ers.

Bad news: Their defense finished 19th in points allowed (22.0), 25th in sacks (35) and 28th in takeaways (17).

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +5500

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-10)

Previous: 15

Good news: With Brady officially retiring, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense may regain some semblance of balance. During Brady’s three years in Tampa, the Bucs were 29th, 31st and 32nd in rushing attempts per game.

Bad news: The Buccaneers need to find a replacement for Brady, but salary cap limitations are going to make it difficult for them to land a big name.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +7500

19. New England Patriots (8-9)

Previous: 18

Good news: With the return of Bill O’Brien, Matt Patricia’s offensive play-calling days are mercifully over. New England Patriots fans are free.

Bad news: WR Devante Parker has played just one full season in eight years. His 31 catches in 13 games this year were the second-fewest of his career.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +5500

20. Washington Commanders (8-8-1)

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Good news: The Washington Commanders beat three playoff teams, including the Eagles and Cowboys by a combined score of 58-27.

Bad news: Add the Commanders to the long list of teams with an uncertain quarterback situation.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +5500

21. New Orleans Saints (7-10)

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Good news: The New Orleans Saints gave up just 78 points in their last six games.

Bad news: If you look up “salary cap hell’’ in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of Saints general manager Mickey Loomis.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +3500

22. New York Jets (7-10)

Previous: 22

Good news: The New York Jets have one of the best defenses in the league. They finished fourth in points allowed (18.6 per game), first in TD passes allowed (15), second in opponent passer rating (80.5) and seventh in sacks (45).

Bad news: Jets QBs had a combined 75.1 passer rating and a plus-1 touchdowns-to-interceptions differential.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +2500

23. Cleveland Browns (7-10)

Previous: 23

Good news: The last time Deshaun Watson played a full season, he threw 33 touchdown passes and averaged nearly nine yards per attempt.

Bad news: The Cleveland Browns' first-round pick is the property of Watson’s former team, the Houston Texans.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +3500

24. Atlanta Falcons (7-10)

Previous: 24

Good news: Seven of the Atlanta Falcons’ 10 losses this season were by six points or less.

Bad news: Their pass rush needs help. Their 21 sacks were the second-fewest in the league.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +7500

25. Tennessee Titans (7-10)

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Good news: Hiring somebody from the 49ers (new general manager Ran Carthon) organization usually is a pretty good move.

Bad news: It looks like it’s going to be a while, maybe a long while, before the light goes on for quarterback Malik Willis, whom the Tennessee Titans picked last year.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +7500

26. Los Angeles Rams (5-12)

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Good news: Sean McVay picked coaching the Los Angeles Rams for at least one more year over sitting next to Terry Bradshaw.

Bad news: The Rams have no first-round pick and no salary cap space.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +3000

27. Denver Broncos (5-12)

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Good news: If anybody can fix what’s wrong with Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, it’s Sean Payton.

Bad news: What’s wrong with Wilson might not be fixable.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +3500

28. Houston Texans (3-13-1)

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Good news: The Texans have the second and 12th picks in the draft and the fourth-most salary cap space in the league. Opportunity is knocking.

Bad news: This is the Texans we’re talking about. They’ll find some way to screw this up.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +28000

29. Las Vegas Raiders (6-11)

Previous: 27

Good news: Derek Carr was released, but the Las Vegas Raiders have the salary cap wherewithal to trade for or sign any quarterback they want.

Bad news: Their defense finished last in takeaways (13) and 30th in sacks (27).

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +4000

30. Arizona Cardinals (4-13)

Previous: 30

Good news: Arizona Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill didn’t interviewed any college coaches this time around.

Bad news: In retrospect, maybe giving Kyler Murray that $230.5 million deal wasn’t such a great idea.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +28000

31. Chicago Bears (3-14)

Previous: 31

Good news: The Chicago Bears have the first pick in the draft and a league-high $94 million in cap space. Hard to screw this up, right?

Bad news: Wrong. It’s the Bears.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +6500

32. Indianapolis Colts (4-12-1)

Previous: 32

Good news: The Indianapolis Colts are hiring one of the league’s bright, young offensive minds, Eagles' offensive coordinator Shane Steichen, as their head coach.

Bad news: They still need to find a quarterback with whom to share his offensive wisdom.

2024 Super Bowl Odds: +20000