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The Best of Football Twitter in Week 6

The Best of Football Twitter in Week 6

Every week during the NFL season, the 33rd Team will present some of the most interesting Tweets that come across our timeline during Sunday’s action. Here’s the Week 6 rundown:

All four NFC North teams rank in the top 5 hardest schedules remaining in the NFL.

Jonathan Taylor has been an animal this season.

Dak Prescott tossed the most passing yards against a Bill Belichick-coached team...EVER.

The Browns offense has had a tremendous amount of injuries sap their season-to-season momentum in 2021.

Is Kirk Cousins among the NFL's most underrated players?

Let's not overreact about Patrick Mahomes' interception totals just yet.

The Jaguars kicking game made a serious about face this week en route to their first win since Week 1 of 2020.