Many players are athletes coming out of HS, and they already boast the versatility that makes them ... highly coveted by universities across the country. Here are five recent players who successfully made the switch from QB to another position in college

Mike Giddings from Pro Scout on why Penei Sewell was the wrong pick for the #Lions:

“My belief ... with a top 10 pick is that you don’t project a guy to a new position”

One of the most lucrative ways to gain an advantage is by properly distributing cap space

Taking a ... look at the teams that made the Super Bowl, front offices can gain a perspective on spending trends vs league average, that most correlate with winning

Trades in History ⬇️

1998- Vaughn Booker for Darius Holland swap between KC & GB - worked ... out fairly well for both sides

1996- Falcons sent RT Lincoln Kennedy to the Raiders for a 5th - Kennedy started the next 8 seasons for the Raiders & went to 3 Pro Bowls