Justin Jefferson notably became only the sixth rookie to catch for over 1200 yards, but that group ... averaged only 1,024 rec yards in their sophomore seasons

Only Randy Moss and OBJ have actually improved on their totals in year 2

They drafted 7 players in rds 4-7 this past season

As @JoeBanner13 has alluded to, the motto has ... changed from higher picks to more picks... quantity matters (better chance to hit)

Most lopsided trade in the NFL since 1994 (based on difference in AV)

Falcons receive:
Jeff George...

Colts receive:
1994- 7th overall pk (subsequently traded, Bryant Young)
1994- 3rd rd pk (subsequently traded, James Bostic)
1996- 1st rd pk (Marvin Harrison)

Four tms had multiple 1sr rd picks in this years draft (MIA, NYJ, JAX, BAL)

There are currently ... four tms who have multiple 1st rd picks for the 2022 draft (PHI, NYG, NYJ, DET) and PHI could have three 1st rd picks depending on Wentz’s playing time