Mangini: Mike Evans Suspension ‘Justified’

Mike Evans was suspended for one game after brawling with New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver has fought with Lattimore before and was even suspended for similar conduct in 2017. Both players were ejected from the game on Sunday, but only Evans has been suspended so far. Former NFL head coach Eric Mangini and former NFL defensive back Charles Davis discuss Evans’ latest suspension.


Players Can Go to ‘Dark Place’ But Bucs’ Mike Evans Crossed Line

Editor’s Note: After Sunday afternoon’s brawl between the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, sparked by Tampa’s Mike Evans and New Orleans’ Marshon Lattimore (who were both ejected and have scrapped before), former NFL receiver and The 33rd Team analyst Golden Tate sat down to offer a veteran’s perspective on the incident.


I came across the Mike Evans-Marshon Lattimore situation today, and I understand there’s a lot of aggression between these two teams, and also those guys specifically. Lattimore and Evans have past incidents of being scrappy. Being honest, these two teams are also likely going to win the NFC South year-in, year-out. So this is a big game.

Watching the incident, it seemed real personal between Evans and Lattimore. And to be honest, I don’t have a problem with what Lattimore did, and I don’t think he should’ve been ejected. I don’t know what happened earlier in the game, maybe both of them already received warnings and were pushing the line.

But from what I saw in that specific incident, I don’t have a problem with Lattimore getting in Tom Brady’s face or getting chirpy with Leonard Fournette. Ultimately, Evans came off the sideline and shoved that man to the ground on national TV. I’m not sure how anyone reacts to that situation any differently than Lattimore did, and he shouldn’t have been ejected. Evans is the homie, but from what I could see, him getting tossed was probably the right call.

I get it, though. We play a very aggressive sport, and a lot of us go to a very dark place when we step on the field. It is what it is. It’s OK to flirt with the line, but you can’t cross it. And from my understanding, Mike Evans crossed a line.

Personally, I’m going to get my team any advantage I possibly can by flirting with that line. But I’m going to do my best to never jeopardize my team with a penalty hopefully, and I’m definitely not going to jeopardize my pockets. I am not going to pay the NFL any more money than I already have to.

You have to be more mindful, but that was a tough situation that felt very personal, to say the least.

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Gage, Julio Give Buccaneers One of NFL’s Best Receiver Groups

I can’t imagine too many receiver groups will be as good as the Buccaneers if they’re healthy. 

If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can get Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Russell Gage and Julio Jones all healthy and rolling at the same time, Tom Brady is going to have four excellent weapons this season. Brady made headlines Thursday, announcing he was stepping away from the Buccaneers for an extended time. However, two of his top new targets will be ready to make a difference when he returns.

Russell Gage

Tampa has had to go slot receiver by committee during the last few seasons, but the Bucs are getting a proven slot receiver this season in Gage. Gage can play outside when needed. He’ll catch the ball in traffic, and he’s tough over the middle.  He has extreme body quickness, a great release and a tricky euro move off the line of scrimmage that is unique to him. Brady and Byron Leftwich will love working with  Gage this year.  

Julio Jones

When he was with Atlanta, Jones was the number one—the first option. He’s always been the number one in his career. But that’s not the role the Bucs need him to play right now. I think part of the reason Jones doesn’t have a ton of red zone touchdowns in his career is that he was the first option, so he was normally double-teamed. That should not be the case in Tampa.

Jones is a football junkie and a very smart player. He can do it all. Jones is a route runner; he has speed, and he can block. He can do everything they need him to do. So, I think that maybe to start the season, Tampa Bay will use him in the Godwin role. Jones would be the ‘Z’ receiver instead of the ‘X’ opposite Evans. That receiver in the Bucs offense has to be a blocker. Jones is not only that but also a play-action guy and a target in the red zone.

The only issue with Jones throughout the last few years is his ability to maintain health. But when he is healthy, he’s as good as anybody out there.

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