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Super Bowl LVII Expert Predictions: Will Chiefs or Eagles Win Lombardi Trophy?

It's Game Day!

After 272 regular-season games and 12 more in the playoffs, Super Bowl LVII is finally here. With two weeks of analysis of the big game behind us, it's time for the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles to determine a new NFL champion on the field. Will Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs earn their second Super Bowl title in four years, or will the Eagles — with Jalen Hurts at the controls — capture their second Lombardi Trophy in franchise history?

The point spread for the game (Eagles -1.5) is tied for the third-smallest in Super Bowl history. Our experts see it the same way. In fact, while 14 of them picked the Eagles and 11 went for the Chiefs, the average final score was by a margin of less than a point.

Here are our analyst picks and predictions:

Super Bowl LVII

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Picking the Chiefs (11)

Vic Carucci: Chiefs 27, Eagles 24

There is a lot to like about the Eagles. They have a defense that is more than capable of carrying the day. But the experience edge the Chiefs have at quarterback and coach will make the difference.

Chris Farley: Chiefs 31, Eagles 27

I accumulate power ratings based on a bunch of different factors. The Eagles would win in almost every one of those factors, except for the two most important ones. There's a wide margin between Andy Reid and Nick Sirianni and Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts. Because I think this is going to be a last-score type of game, a one-score type of game, I have to trust Mahomes in that scenario. It's going to be pretty hard for the Chief to win the Super Bowl and Mahomes not win MVP.

Rich Gannon: Chiefs 30, Eagles 27

Experience in this game matters. There's no better quarterback at handling pressure and knowing where his quick answer throw is. Mahomes will be the difference for the Chiefs, and win MVP.

Josh Larky: Chiefs 27, Eagles 24

Vegas has this one right with a game total around 51. The Chiefs don't have enough playmakers on defense to contain Jalen Hurts and his Big 3 receivers. On the other side, the Patrick Mahomes/Andy Reid offense is the most matchup-proof scheme in the NFL. I'm expecting a fairly high-scoring, close game, with the Chiefs getting the edge due to prior Super Bowl experience.

Marvin Lewis: Chiefs 27, Eagles 20

I'm picking Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. I'm thinking three touchdowns for Mahomes, and a couple of field goals from Harrison Butker. They're able to hold Jalen Hurts down on the other side. I see Mahomes being the MVP as well.

T.J. McCreight: Chiefs 34, Eagles 23

When I look at this game, or any big game, I usually pick the team with the better quarterback and the better head coach. Patrick Mahomes is a more talented thrower than Jalen Hurts. Andy Reid has been in this game before, has more experience, and there are only four coaches that have more wins in the history of the league. I know it is overstated, but this game is so much different than any game that the players and coaches have experienced. The feel in the stadium is difficult to explain and impossible to compare. Reid and Mahomes have been through it. More seasoned head coach, more talented passer.

Mitchell Schwartz: Chiefs 34, Eagles 28

If at the end of the game we say the line of scrimmage was a draw, the Chiefs win, and I think they could win pretty big. Philly's advantage throughout the entire season has been its offensive and  defensive lines. The Chiefs have a huge advantage with Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and Andy Reid. They have so much skill to overcome and play at a better clip than other teams. If they are able to stalemate or win the battle in the trenches, they will win and it will be pretty comfortable.

Rick Spielman: Chiefs 27, Eagles 20

Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes have been in three of the last four Super Bowls. Nick Sirianni and Jalen Hurts are making their first appearance together. That experience will make the difference in the game and why Kansas City will win.

Jordan Vanek: Chiefs 35, Eagles 31

Kansas City takes it home and Patrick Mahomes breaks the MVP curse. The Eagles have a great defense but have also never faced an offense with a quarterback the caliber of Mahomes this season, and that shows up in this game. Mahomes wins MVP and throws for 290 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Mike Zimmer: Chiefs 31, Eagles 27

I think it's going to be close and high-scoring. That group in Kansas City has been there before. I know the Eagles won it in 2017, but for the most part, it's a new group. I do like the Eagles' offensive line; it's very physical and they do a good job. That's why I think they're gonna get some plays in there. But I just feel as if Mahomes is gonna be the major factor in this and he'll be heading to Disneyland.

Trey Wingo: Chiefs 27, Eagles 24

The Jalen Hurts shoulder injury will be way more impactful than Patrick Mahomes' ankle.

Picking the Eagles (14)

Jeff Diamond: Eagles 30, Chiefs 24

The Eagles defense that gave up only seven points in each playoff win is too good and will be the difference in the game, along with their outstanding offensive line wearing down the Chiefs front seven. Jalen Hurts’ running ability and his dynamic duo at wide receiver — A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith — also will be deciding factors. Patrick Mahomes will keep it fairly close with his connections to Travis Kelce and his other receivers, and it’s dangerous to pick against him, but the ankle injury could be a problem against such a great pass-rushing opponent.

Paul Domowitch: Eagles 35, Chiefs 31

Travis Kelce needs to have a huge game for the Chiefs to win. The Eagles aren't going to be able to completely silence him, but they've done a pretty good job defending opposing tight ends this season. They've given up just three TDs to tight ends, none in the last 11 games.

Greg Jennings: Eagles 27, Chiefs 20

Everyone always says experience matters. I was a part of a young, inexperienced Packers team and we were just the better team. That's what matters. The Eagles are the better team and will hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

Clark Judge: Eagles 27, Chiefs 17

Defense wins championships, right? The Eagles have the defense to shake, rattle and roll Mahomes as Tampa Bay did two years ago.

Marty Mornhinweg: Eagles 30, Chiefs 21

The Eagles produce at a high level in virtually all areas of the game. To win the Super Bowl, they'll need the great Patrick Mahomes to pull a few rabbits out of his hat throughout the game. I just don’t see enough rabbits to pull out against the Eagles defense. Fly, Eagles, fly!

Chuck Pagano: Eagles 28, Chiefs 21

It's really hard to pick against Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes in this one. Mahomes will be the best player on the field in this contest. However, the best team is Philadelphia. The Eagles run the ball, control the clock, play great defense and rush the passer — a recipe for success any way you slice it. You win up front in games like these, and Philly has arguably the best offensive and defensive lines in the league.

Wade Phillips: Eagles 28, Chiefs 24


Ed Reed: Eagles 31, Chiefs 28

You got one quarterback who's banged up, you got another quarterback that if he gets hurt, his team will lose. If both quarterbacks stay healthy, I would give it to the Eagles. There's a factor there with Mahomes having that high ankle sprain and having two weeks off definitely will help. Will it heal? Not 100 percent, but he's still gonna have to deal with it. With the Philly defense doing those things that they've been doing, it's gonna be tough to navigate those waters as a quarterback when you got a great defense on the other side. But with the adrenaline in the Super Bowl, who knows, man. I played with two sprained MCLs, one third-degree. So you never know what a man can do when you put him in battle. Still, give me Philly for the win and Jalen Hurts as MVP.

Ryan Reynolds: Eagles 26, Chiefs 20

Betting against Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid on the grandest of stages isn’t exactly comfortable. But, ultimately, the Eagles have talent advantages at virtually every position group, giving them multiple paths to victory. I bet the Eagles when they opened as a slight underdog, and my stance hasn’t changed much since then.

Robert Smith: Eagles 27, Chiefs 24

Everyone likes to talk about their fancy weapons, but with the Eagles, it's all about the offensive line. Games are won in the trenches, and if the Chiefs want any chance to win the Super Bowl, they're going to have to find a way to disrupt and penetrate the Eagles O-line. Good luck with that.

Mike Tannenbaum: Eagles 31, Chiefs 28

The Eagles have been the best team all year. They are simply the better team in this game. I think Kansas City‘s tackles will struggle with the Eagles pass rush, and that ultimately will be the difference in the game.

Joe Thomas: Eagles 34, Chiefs 31

I have the MVP as Haason Reddick. If the Eagles are going to win, they've got to win it up front. They've got to be able to harass Patrick Mahomes, sack him, get him down and force those turnovers.

Marc Trestman: Eagles 27, Chiefs 24

If the Eagles can win the battle at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and avoid turning it over, they’ll earn their second Lombardi Trophy in the last five years.

Dave Wannstedt: Eagles 24, Chiefs 21

It's gonna be a close one. It won't be easy, and it will come down to the fourth quarter. But I'm going with the Eagles because I like their style: running the ball and playing tough defense.