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High-Scoring Chiefs-Bengals Matchup Leads Week 13 DFS Stacks

If you are new to DFS, check out our introductory pieces, such as DFS 101, Contest Selection, Stacking, Rostership, Leverage, and Lineup Construction.

Below we will take a look at some of the double stacks, single stacks, and mini stacks I will be looking to take advantage of this weekend. If you have any questions, ask them on our 33rd Team Discord.

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Double Stacks

Stack: QB Joe Burrow, WR Ja’Marr Chase and WR Tyler Boyd

Runback: TE Travis Kelce

Burrow averages 9.3 yards per attempt against Cover 0/1, and that coverage has been something the Chiefs have gone to in recent weeks. In the last two seasons, Chase averages 3.62 yards per route run against this coverage and has seven touchdowns on 60 targets. His hip injury has been a concern, but I believe that lowers his rostership, making him a great tournament play. I want to double-stack Burrow in this game against the Chiefs, and with the pricing restriction, I don’t have any problem going to Boyd. Boyd averages 2.07 yards per route run against Cover 0/1 and has 22 targets against these coverages.

For the Chiefs, there are two players to run it back with: JuJu Smith-Schuster and Kelce. The Bengals have been playing a lot of Cover 2 in recent weeks, and these two players will work the middle of the field with no problems. This coverage requires wide receivers that know when and how to sit in between the coverage, and these two do it better than most. Against Cover 2 coverage, Kelce averages 2.9 yards per route run, and Smith-Schuster averages 3.72 yards per route run. However, Kelce is at the premium position and is the better player.

Stack: QB Trevor Lawrence, WR Christian Kirk and WR Zay Jones

Runback: WR Amon-Ra St. Brown

Off the bye week, Lawrence put on a show against the Ravens' secondary, and I expect that show to continue against this Lions' secondary. The Lions have allowed seven quarterbacks to go for over 24 points this season, and four of them threw for over 300 yards. The Lions can't defend slot wide receivers this year, and Kirk has the fourth-most yards of any player in the slot. I am double-stacking with Lawrence, and that brings me to Jones. Jones is currently on the injury report, but has ten or more targets in back-to-back games and 213 yards receiving off these targets.

St. Brown has a 37% target share since the T.J. Hockenson trade and will have more room to work the middle of the field with Jameson Williams and D.J. Chark playing.

Stack: QB Mike White, WR Garrett Wilson and WR Elijah Moore

Runback: WR Justin Jefferson

The pass catchers of the Jets are way too cheap not to consider stacking them with White after the big game last weekend. Premium players are generally hard to get to on DraftKings, but utilizing this game stack will ease that burden. This Jets stack costs $14,400 on DraftKings, which is $1,800 cheaper than playing Patrick Mahomes and Kelce. Against Cover 3/4, White, with the Jets, averages 8.0 yards per attempt. 

Jefferson has a 42% target share against Cover 4 coverage, which is the primary coverage for the Jets. Sauce Gardner has had a phenomenal rookie season, but this isn’t a matchup I expect many corners to win.

Single Stack

Stack: QB Jared Goff and WR Amon-Ra St. Brown

Runback: WR Christian Kirk

Normally, I would double-stack Goff; however, it’s difficult to say how much Jameson Williams is going to play, and he would be the player I want to pair him with. Goff averages 8.1 yards per attempt against the primary coverages of the Jaguars, and against these coverages, St. Brown has a 28.1% target share.

The Lions are not capable of defending the slot, and Kirk has been one of the best slot wide receivers in the NFL.


Miami at San Francisco

WR Jaylen Waddle and RB Christian McCaffrey

Jaylen Waddle will be depended on in this matchup because Tua Tagovailoa will need to get the ball out quickly to his playmakers. Tyreek Hill will have most of the attention, and I expect Waddle to have the biggest mismatch. The 49ers' pass rush has scared me away from Tua stacks because he has been sacked on 33% of his dropbacks without Armstead.

The Dolphins have played a ton of Cover 3, and since joining the 49ers, McCaffrey averages 3.2 yards per route run against Cover 3. McCaffrey’s injury will lower his rostership, and I expect the 49ers to put stress on the Miami linebackers. I do not mind playing a cheap 49ers' defense with McCaffrey. The other 49ers player of note is George Kittle, because the Dolphins have struggled against in-line tight ends.

Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders

WR Keenan Allen and RB Josh Jacobs

Allen had four receptions for 66 yards in 22 snaps against the Raiders in their first matchup. He has had back-to-back games with five receptions, and Mike Williams is not coming back. The Raiders have struggled against slot receivers this season, and Allen will look to take advantage.

Jacobs is coming off one of the best games ever from a running back, and this is another prime matchup. The only issue is the game script needs to stay close because, in their first matchup, Jacobs only received ten carries. The Chargers are one of the worst run defenses in the NFL, and with their injuries, it isn’t changing this week.


RB Nick Chubb

Chubb is in a smash matchup against a Texans' run defense that has allowed multiple players over 150 yards rushing. Deshaun Watson hasn’t played football in a long time, and he will lean on Chubb in this one. If you aren’t playing Chubb, I recommend getting to Harrison Bryant, who will be a target in the middle of the Lovie Smith Tampa 2 scheme off-play action. 

WR Terry McLaurin

Against the Giants' primary coverages, McLaurin has over a 40% target share and averages 4.24 yards per route run with Taylor Heinicke at QB. The Giants are without Adoree Jackson; there isn’t another single Giant that can man up against McLaurin. New York will bring pressure at Heinicke, and McLaurin will see plenty of volume.

Player Pool

Player Pos Team Opp DK Salary FD Salary VegasPts
Joe Burrow QB CIN vs KC $6,900 $8,300 25.25
Trevor Lawrence QB JAC @ DET $5,900 $7,500 25.25
Mike White QB NYJ @ MIN $5,400 $6,900 20.75
Jared Goff QB DET vs JAC $5,300 $6,800 26.25
Christian McCaffrey RB SF vs MIA $8,600 $8,200 24.75
Austin Ekeler RB LAC @ LV $8,500 $9,200 23.75
Derrick Henry RB TEN @ PHI $8,100 $8,800 20.25
Nick Chubb RB CLE @ HOU $8,000 $9,600 26.75
Josh Jacobs RB LV vs LAC $7,900 $9,500 25.75
Kenneth Walker III RB SEA @ LAR $7,000 $8,100 23.75
Aaron Jones RB GB @ CHI $6,900 $7,400 23.75
Miles Sanders RB PHI vs TEN $6,300 $7,200 24.25
David Montgomery RB CHI vs GB $6,200 $7,000 20.75
Dameon Pierce RB HOU vs CLE $5,900 $6,500 19.75
Bam Knight RB NYJ @ MIN $4,600 $5,800 20.75
Justin Jefferson WR MIN vs NYJ $8,900 $8,700 23.75
Tyreek Hill WR MIA @ SF $8,800 $9,000 21.75
Davante Adams WR LV vs LAC $8,700 $8,600 25.75
JaMarr Chase WR CIN vs KC $7,900 $8,900 25.25
A.J. Brown WR PHI vs TEN $7,800 $8,100 24.25
Jaylen Waddle WR MIA @ SF $7,400 $7,900 21.75
Tee Higgins WR CIN vs KC $7,200 $8,300 25.25
Amon-Ra St. Brown WR DET vs JAC $7,100 $8,000 26.25
DK Metcalf WR SEA @ LAR $6,700 $7,600 23.75
Deebo Samuel WR SF vs MIA $6,600 $6,800 24.75
Keenan Allen WR LAC @ LV $6,500 $7,700 23.75
Christian Kirk WR JAC @ DET $6,300 $7,500 25.25
DeVonta Smith WR PHI vs TEN $6,200 $6,800 24.25
Tyler Lockett WR SEA @ LAR $6,000 $7,400 23.75
Terry McLaurin WR WAS @ NYG $5,800 $6,900 20.75
JuJu Smith-Schuster WR KC @ CIN $5,700 $6,900 27.25
Josh Palmer WR LAC @ LV $5,600 $6,600 23.75
Allen Lazard WR GB @ CHI $5,400 $6,400 23.75
Tyler Boyd WR CIN vs KC $5,300 $6,300 25.25
Garrett Wilson WR NYJ @ MIN $5,300 $6,600 20.75
Christian Watson WR GB @ CHI $5,200 $6,500 23.75
Diontae Johnson WR PIT @ ATL $5,200 $6,500 21.75
George Pickens WR PIT @ ATL $5,100 $6,700 21.75
Zay Jones WR JAC @ DET $4,900 $6,400 25.25
Drake London WR ATL vs PIT $4,700 $5,900 20.75
Jameson Williams WR DET vs JAC $4,700 $4,500 26.25
Corey Davis WR NYJ @ MIN $4,100 $5,500 20.75
Josh Reynolds WR DET vs JAC $4,000 $5,500 26.25
Marvin Jones WR JAC @ DET $4,000 $5,600 25.25
Chase Claypool WR CHI vs GB $3,800 $5,500 20.75
D.J. Chark WR DET vs JAC $3,800 $5,300 26.25
Quez Watkins WR PHI vs TEN $3,800 $5,600 24.25
Elijah Moore WR NYJ @ MIN $3,700 $5,700 20.75
Jamal Agnew WR JAC @ DET $3,300 $5,300 25.25
Travis Kelce TE KC @ CIN $7,900 $8,400 27.25
T.J. Hockenson TE MIN vs NYJ $5,200 $6,400 23.75
George Kittle TE SF vs MIA $5,000 $6,200 24.75
Pat Freiermuth TE PIT @ ATL $4,300 $5,900 21.75
Cole Kmet TE CHI vs GB $3,800 $5,000 20.75
Foster Moreau TE LV vs LAC $3,600 $5,500 25.75
Robert Tonyan TE GB @ CHI $3,200 $4,900 23.75
Tyler Conklin TE NYJ @ MIN $3,100 $5,000 20.75
Evan Engram TE JAC @ DET $3,000 $4,800 25.25
Harrison Bryant TE CLE @ HOU $2,700 $4,700 26.75
49ers DST SF vs MIA $3,100 $4,300 21.75
Steelers DST PIT @ ATL $2,600 $4,200 20.75
Jets DST NYJ @ MIN $2,600 $4,000 23.75
Dolphins DST MIA @ SF $2,500 $3,700 24.75
Titans DST TEN @ PHI $2,200 $3,400 24.25