Luke Wattenberg

Luke Wattenberg

  • Height
  • Hand
    9 3/8
  • VJ
  • Weight
  • Arm
    34 1/8
  • Speed
OC Combine Averages
  • Height
  • Hand
    9 3/4
  • VJ
  • Weight
  • Arm
    32 1/2
  • Speed
Nathan Pratt - Scout
Luke Wattenberg
  • Overall Rank
  • Position
  • Age
    24.8 Years
  • Team


Year Starts Games Sacks Allowed Hits Allowed Pressures Knockdowns
2017 5 11 2 1 20 -
2018 14 14 1 6 22 -
2019 13 13 1 2 18 -
2020 4 4 0 0 3 -
2021 12 12 1 0 13 -


Does he have prototype size? What is body type? What is growth potential?

Average Height and Weight with a thick sturdy frame that looks like it could pack on 5 to 7 more pounds. Missed no games in his career due to injury and played 800/809 Offensive Snaps and 3 Special Teams snaps in 2021.

  • Size
  • Length
  • Frame/Durability
Grade 6.0


Is he instinctual? Does he play with urgency?

Wattenberg is a high effort player that is seen fighting every play regardless of where it goes. Looks for work in pass protection but misses delayed rushers far too often and will be late to stunts and twists. Looks to play with blinders on in the run game as he focuses on his assignment and will miss new threats coming downhill allowing his runners to be tackled for minimal gains.

  • Toughness
  • Instincts
  • Effort/Motor
Grade 5.3


Does he have the athletic traits you want?

Wattenberg is an adequate athlete who relies more on his explosiveness and body control more than he does strength to execute his blocks. He frequently demonstrated an explosive first step then coupled it with his adequate short area quickness which allowed him to quickly get on defenders in the run game on outside/wide zone and on power/gap blocking this would allow him to reach the second level quickly. His straight-line speed was not as great as he struggled getting far downfield on screens and instead opted to attempt to block the defenders that were trying to catch the play from behind rather than lead the runner. He would struggle changing directions in the open field and his leverage came more from him bending at his waist than his knees which will be a concern at the next level. His strength consistently left a lot to be desired and he rarely would overpower defenders and struggled to even maintain his blocks vs the more powerful bigger defenders he would face.

  • Explosiveness
  • Speed
  • Body Control
  • Flexibility/Bend
  • Change of Direction
  • Play Strength
Grade 4.7


Does he have a refined skill set? Is he a projection or is his game developed enough to contribute early?

Pass Block - Had a very wide base in pass pro that restricted his ability to stay with speed rushers who attacked his outside gaps and this frequently resulted in them putting pressure on the passer. When bull rushed, he struggled dropping his weight and sinking his hips and combined with his limited strength he would consistently get driven back and collapse the pocket from the interior. He did demonstrate quick fast hands in pass pro especially right after the snap as he also relied on his length to get onto the defender quickly. His punch was not seen having much if any effect on rushers and should be developed more to get more power behind it. When he is not matched up vs a defender, he was seen looking for work and helping his other OL out but his awareness when not matched up needs to be better as late rushers or delayed twists or games were consistently missed by him resulting in fast unblocked pressure on his QB. Run Block – He consistently displayed an ability to get to the outside shoulder of a 3Tech on wide/outside zone blocks, though he struggled sealing the block because of his limited strength. His leg drive and grip strength were also very limited as he consistently would get his hands thrown off or he would struggle to get a lot of push at the line of scrimmage and instead would normally get driven backwards. The angles he was seen taking in the second level also need to be better as he consistently would whiff on his blocks in the second level even though he displayed the explosiveness and speed to reach the second level. He also had a tendency to overset on the run game and be tossed to the side or completely whiff on the defender right as the play started giving his runner no chance. His play temperament also left a lot to be desired as he consistently would be seen playing hard but not having the aggression and attitude to back it up.

  • Pass Block
  • Run Block
  • Strike
  • Second Level
  • Pulling/Space Play
  • Anchor
  • Footwork
  • Play Temperament
Grade 4.5

Grading Scale

  • 10
  • 9
  • 8
  • 7
    Above the Line
  • 6
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1


What role does he play? What is his initial projection?
Wattenberg finishes his career at Washington as an honorable mention All-Pac-12 Center in both 2020 and 2021, while also starting in 48/54 games he appeared in. He also brings versatility as he started at Left Guard in 2018 and 2019 and had 3 starts at Left Tackle in 2017. Wattenberg is a late day 3/UDFA prospect who could provide depth for a team that values experience and athleticism in their OL. He also is on the older side for an NFL prospect as he will be 25 years old by the time the regular season begins. He will struggle vs NFL strength and will need to develop more strength before he can develop into a viable solid backup. He can develop into a quality backup but has a lot of work to do before then.

Film Watched

  • iconBest Game
  • at Stanford
  • Jan - 01 - 1970
  • Gave up Zero Pressures and consistently executed and sealed his reach blocks
  • iconWorst Game
  • vs Oregon
  • Jan - 01 - 1970
  • Struggled in Pass Pro vs Power and could not generate movement in run game
Best Trait
Explosiveness and Motor
Pro Comparison
Nick Gates