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Cheap Thrills: Week 11 DFS Value Players Under $5500

Week 11 DFS Value Players

Everyone serves a purpose. Doctors spend their time making sure their patients maintain good health. Firefighters ensure the public is safe from fires, taking measures to prevent and extinguish them when necessary. However, I research which NFL players are poised to have a good week and translate that into DFS advice. Don't get me wrong; everyone is essential for their own unique reason. But who are you going to trust if you want to win your DraftKings matchup this week: me or a guy who spends his day in latex gloves? 

Last Week's Results:

George Pickens ($5000) - 14.5 FPTS

Tyler Higbee ($3600) - 15.3 FPTS

Davis Mills ($5100) - 18.76 FPTS

Here's what I got for Week 11:

Marcus Mariota ($5500)

In the last three weeks, the Chicago Bears have allowed their opponents to score over 38 points per game. This week, Marcus Mariota will look to capitalize on the Bears' defensive woes. This is a must-win game for the Atlanta Falcons after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers retook the division lead. With Kyle Pitts and Drake London both sitting under $5500 as well, drafting Mariota gives you the perfect opportunity to stack cheap players who match up against a weak defense. 

Having concerns about putting Mariota in your lineup is reasonable since he's been a mixed bag this season. He has underperformed in multiple games where he had a seemingly favorable matchup. However, at $5500, he is worth the risk. Despite consistency concerns, Mariota has scored 24+ FPTS in 2 of his last three home games, which proves that his upside is definitely there. It's a considerable risk, but putting faith in the Falcons offense this week might be a winning DFS strategy.

Najee Harris ($5500)

Going into the season, I never would've imagined that Najee Harris would be eligible for this kind of list. However, his sophomore year struggles have plummeted his DraftKings price all the way down to $5500. While Najee has had some questionable performances this year, his upside is too significant to ignore. 

One of the main reasons for Najee's lack of production this year is the Steelers' struggles as a team. They have been playing from behind in most games this season, and Jaylen Warren has taken over some of Najee's receiving duties. In their last two away games, the Cincinnati Bengals have allowed 22.4 FPTS per game to the leading rusher on the opposing team. Even considering these factors, Najee is still an excellent pick for Week 11. 

I don't expect Najee's price to get any lower than this in the foreseeable future. He sees too much volume to be given the same value as a 2nd string running back. This is one of the Pittsburgh Steelers' biggest games of the season, playing against their arch-rivals. It is the perfect time for Najee to break out and have his best performance of the season. Don't miss out on him.

T.J. Hockenson ($5300)

T.J. Hockenson experienced quite the upgrade two weeks ago at the trade deadline. He went from the now 3-6 Detroit Lions to the now 8-1 Minnesota Vikings. Coming off a massive win against the Buffalo Bills, the Vikings immediately face another big challenge in the Dallas Cowboys. This game will showcase one of the best offenses in the league, facing off against one of the best defenses. The Vikings have been one of the flashiest teams in the league this year, both on and off the field. I'm starting to think that all of Justin Jefferson's griddying and all of Kirk Cousins' chains have blinded the DraftKings price-setters to the fact that Hockenson has averaged 8 receptions per game since he arrived in Minnesota.

I was shocked when I saw how low Hockenson's price is this week. The tight end position has been brutally inconsistent this year, and Hockenson has been one of the few bright spots. His value is lowered because the Cowboys have such a good defense, but $5300 is too low to pass up. 

Even though both teams have very good defenses, I expect a shootout. Dallas has struggled in their last two away games, and Minnesota has won every home game this season while scoring at least 23 points in each contest. There should be plenty of red zone opportunities for Minnesota, which will give Hockenson the opportunity to score his first touchdown as a Viking. Whether or not he finds his way to the end zone, he should see a ton of volume in a highly competitive game. With Jefferson battling a toe injury, Hockenson could end up being the focal point of this offense. And you could get him for just $5300.


I've said it before, and I'll repeat it: utilizing underpriced players is the key to success in DFS. There's no better way to end your weekend than with some extra money in your DraftKings account. Nothing beats the sweet taste of victory. And next week, during Thanksgiving, you can tell all your family members who are doctors and firefighters that you won your DFS matchup last week. There's no way they can top that.

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