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Joey DiCresce

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Using Statistical Modeling to Rank Quarterback Prospects

The 2022 quarterback class is interesting because there is decent variation in media outlets’ rankings, and we do not have a solid idea of where the first quarterbacks will be selected. In 2021, it was obvious that 5 quarterbacks would be selected in the first round, and Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson were known to […]


The Schematic Storylines of the Super Bowl

There are several compelling storylines in this game: Joe Burrow might win a national championship and Super Bowl in a three-year span. Matthew Stafford might win a Super Bowl in his first year out of Detroit. It’s also interesting that just in 2018 Zac Taylor was Sean McVay’s QB coach. However, it’s important to discuss […]


Should Teams Go For 2 at the End of Regulation?

The Baltimore Ravens went for 2 with under a minute in the 4th quarter against both the Steelers and Packers this season. In both games Baltimore scored touchdowns to decrease their deficit from 7 to 1 point. Rather than kicking an extra point to try to force overtime the Ravens went for 2 and did […]

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