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Week 4 NFL Quarterback Power Rankings

quarterback rankings

The 33rd Team's weekly NFL quarterback rankings are a snapshot of where the league's 32 current starters are right now, taking into account the QB's recent production, his supporting cast, his health, and an evaluation by our scouting department, led by former NFL team executive T.J. McCreight and assisted by scouts Justin Casey, Kevin Cohn and Evan Pritt.

Week 4 NFL Quarterback Rankings

1.  Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

Record: 2-1 | QB Rating: 109.8 (4th Overall)

Next Three Games: at Ravens, vs. Steelers, at Chiefs

Comment: Allen is hungry and playing at an elite level. His immense physical talent is now matched by his mental approach to the game.

2. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

Record: 2-1 | QB Rating: 112.1 (3rd)

Next Three Games: at Buccaneers, vs. Raiders, vs. Bills

Comment: Mahomes is playing at a high level while adjusting to some new weapons. Pressure him at your own peril. He's led the Chiefs to at least the AFC Championship in every season as the starter.

3. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

Record: 2-1 | QB Rating: 119.0 (1st)

Next Three Games: vs. Bills, vs. Bengals, at Giants

Comment: Jackson might be the most athletic QB in NFL history. All he needs to do is stay healthy. He has improved each year as a passer.


4. Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles

Record: 3-0 | QB Rating: 106.5 (5th)

Next Three Games: vs. Jaguars, at Cardinals, vs. Cowboys

Comment: Hurts is making a big third-year QB jump. He is taking full advantage of his athletic ability and an excellent group of pass-catchers.

5. Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars

Record: 2-1 | QB Rating: 103.1 (6th)

Next Three Games: at Eagles, vs. Texans, at Colts

Comment: This is what happens when a quarterback with Lawrence's ability is surrounded by some talent in a stable environment.

6. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Record: 2-1 | QB Rating: 98.0 (9th)

Next Three Games: vs. Patriots, vs. Giants (London), vs. Jets

Comment: Rodgers is still operating at a high level while he works with his young receivers and the offensive line gets healthy.

7. Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 2-1 | QB Rating: 89.2 (14th)

Next Three Games: vs. Chiefs, vs. Falcons, at Steelers

Comment: Concerns about Brady's supporting cast are holding the offense back, not his play.

8. Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins

Record: 3-0 | QB Rating: 117.8 (2nd)

Next Three Games: at Bengals, at Jets, vs. Vikings

Comment: Tagovailoa has benefitted greatly from the presence of Mike McDaniel and Tyreek Hill. While he has made more plays down the field this season, we still have questions about his arm strength.


9. Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers

Record: 1-2 | QB Rating: 98.9 (8th)

Next Three Games: at Texans, at Browns, vs. Broncos

Comment: Herbert is one of the purest throwers in the NFL right now. How long will it take him to work through his rib injury? And can he overcome the loss of his starting left tackle?

10. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals

Record: 1-2 | QB Rating: 85.2 (19th)

Next Three Games: vs. Dolphins, at Ravens, at Saints

Comment: Burrow has struggled some early this season, but he is a rare package of talent and leadership. He has that "it" factor.

11. Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams

Record: 2-1 | QB Rating: 86.3 (16th)

Next Three Games: at 49ers, vs. Cowboys, vs. Panthers

Comment: Stafford is a gunslinger who will take risks with the ball, but he has proven he can lead a team to the Super Bowl.

12. Jared Goff, Detroit Lions

Record: 1-2 | QB Rating: 92.4 (11th)

Next Three Games: vs. Seahawks, at Patriots, at Cowboys

Comment: Goff has the Lions offense showing signs of life. With the right pieces around him, he is good enough to win games.

13. Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

Record: 2-1 | QB Rating: 84.0 (21st)

Next Three Games: at Saints (London), vs. Bears, at Dolphins

Comment: Cousins continues to put up strong numbers, but he has a track record of falling short when the lights are the brightest.

14. Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals

Record: 1-2 | QB Rating: 82.6 (24th)

Next Three Games: at Panthers, vs. Eagles, at Seahawks

Comment: The offense has not looked the same without Deandre Hopkins last season or this season. They are playing offense within a 20-yard box, and their success rests on Murray making plays off script.


15. Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders

Record: 0-3 | QB Rating: 

Next Three Games: vs. Broncos, at Chiefs, vs. Texans

Comment: Carr has shown the ability to guide his team through tumultuous times, but he needs to find more balance in the passing game. He has both over-targeted and under-targeted Adams this season. Has the talent to play winning football but needs to find more consistency in the new offense.

16. Jacoby Brissett, Cleveland Browns

Record: 2-1 | QB Rating: 94.3 (10th)

Next Three Games: at Falcons, vs. Chargers, vs. Patriots

Comment: Brissett is doing exactly what the Browns need him to be. He is more character and leadership than ability.

17. Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos

Record: 2-1 | QB Rating:

Next Three Games: at Raiders, vs. Colts, at Chargers

Comment: He isn't showing it now, but we think he is going to figure it out and get back to being Russell Wilson.


18. Cooper Rush, Dallas Cowboys

Record: 2-0 | QB Rating: 91.8 (12th)

Next Three Games: vs. Commanders, at Rams, at Eagles

Comment: Rush is 3-0 in his career in national TV games. He has managed the games well and made some critical throws.


19. Carson Wentz, Washington Commanders

Record: 1-2 | QB Rating: 90.6 (13th)

Next Three Games: at Cowboys, vs. Titans, at Bears

Comment: At one time, Wentz looked like a quarterback who could lead a team to a Super Bowl. That was a long time ago.

20. Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers

Record: 0-1 | QB Rating: 89.2 (15th)

Next Three Games: vs. Rams, at Panthers, at Falcons

Comment: The 49ers are trying to go back to the ex-girlfriend they thought they had moved on from in the offseason. Can they make the relationship work well enough  to make another postseason run?

21. Matt Ryan, Indianapolis Colts

Record: 1-1-1 | QB Rating: 77.2 (30th)

Next Three Games: vs. Titans, at Broncos, vs. Jaguars

Comment: Matty Ice can still get it done when the game is on the line. He's put the ball on the ground seven times already this year. He will need to take care of the ball better if the Colts are going to contend in the AFC South.

22. Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans

Record: 1-2 | QB Rating: 84.7 (23rd)

Next Three Games: at Colts, at Commanders, vs. Colts

Comment: Tannehill is clearly missing A.J. Brown. If the Titans continue to struggle in a weak division, they may turn to rookie Malik Willis.

23. Geno Smith, Seattle Seahawks

Record: 1-2 | QB Rating: 100.8 (7th)

Next Three Games: at Lions, at Saints, vs. Cardinals

Comment: Smith's numbers have been good, but don't expect him to win many games.

24. Daniel Jones, New York Giants

Record: 2-1 | QB Rating: 82.7 (23rd)

Next Three Games: vs. Bears, at Packers (London), vs. Ravens

Comment: Jones is not the reason the Giants are 2-1, but he has limited his mistakes.

25. Baker Mayfield, Carolina Panthers

Record: 1-2 | QB Rating: 80.8 (25th)

Next Three Games: vs. Cardinals, vs. 49ers, at Rams

Comment: There is no way to sugarcoat it — Mayfield has not looked good. He needs to show more than moxie.

26. Jameis Winston, New Orleans Saints

Record: 1-2 | QB Rating: 79.6 (26th)

Next Three Games: vs. Vikings (London), vs. Seahawks, vs. Bengals

Comment: If not for an Atlanta meltdown, we are talking about an 0-3 start for the Saints. Winston's toughness is admirable, but his lack of patience and poor decision-making continue to haunt him and his team.

27. Davis Mills, Houston Texans

Record: 0-2-1 | QB Rating: 77.7 (28th)

Next Three Games: vs. Chargers, at Jaguars, at Raiders

Comment: Mills is not making a jump in his second season. He looks a lot like he did as a rookie.

28. Marcus Mariota, Atlanta Falcons

Record: 1-2 | QB Rating: 85.4 (17th)

Next Three Games: vs. Browns, at Buccaneers, vs. 49ers

Comment: Mariota is a bridge QB who no one expects to be a part of the Falcons' future plans.

29. Brian Hoyer, New England Patriots

Record: 0-0 | QB Rating: N/A

Next Three Games: at Packers, vs. Lions, at Browns

Comment: Hoyer has only won one of his last 13 starts. His last win came in 2016.

30. Justin Fields, Chicago Bears

Record: 2-1 | QB Rating: 50.0 (32nd)

Next Three Games: at Giants, at Vikings, vs. Commanders

Comment: It's clear the new staff doesn't trust Fields by how few passes he has attempted (45 through 3 games). The next fewest attempts by a QB who has started three games is 79.

31. Mitch Trubisky, Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: 1-2 | QB Rating: 77.7 (29th)

Next Three Games: vs. Jets, at Bills, vs. Buccaneers

Comment: His days as the starter are numbered.

32. Zach Wilson, New York Jets

Record: 0-0 | QB Rating: N/A

Next Three Games: at Steelers, vs. Dolphins, at Packers

Comment: Even when healthy, there are more questions than answers with Wilson.


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