Source: Rodgers Meets with Jets, Open to Idea of Playing in New York

Aaron Rodgers isn’t having extensive conversions with the Green Bay Packers, but he is speaking with other teams.

The Packers quarterback met with the New York Jets on Monday, according to The 33rd Team’s Trey Wingo. Although no trade is imminent, Rodgers appears open to the idea of playing in New York. In fact, talks continued on Tuesday and elevated to the point where a contingent of Jets officials — including owner Woody Johnson, general manager Joe Douglas, coach Robert Saleh and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett — flew to meet with Rodgers in California, per ESPN. 

The Jets’ interest in Rodgers and any veteran quarterback on the market is well-known. New York contacted Green Bay about trading for Rodgers in February.

Rodgers has yet to decide if he’s going to play in 2023 or retire. Before the Super Bowl, the embattled quarterback said he’d make his decision after completing what ended up being a three-day isolation retreat. Rodgers’ first comments since ending the retreat provided no further clarity on his situation.

“I don’t want to drag anybody around,” Rodgers said on The Aubrey Marcus Podcast. “I’m answering questions about it because I got asked about it. I’m talking about it because it’s important to me. If you don’t like it, and you think it’s drama, and you think I’m being a diva or whatever, then just tune it out. That’s fine, but this is my life. It’s important to me. I’ll make a decision soon enough, and we’ll go down that road. I’ll be really excited about it.”

Before Rodgers made his comments, general manager Brian Gutekunst spoke about the quarterback’s situation at the NFL Combine.

“He’s a great player, but until we have those conversations, I think all options are on the table,” Gutekunst said. “We need to have those conversations. We want what’s best for the Green Bay Packers, what’s best for him, so we’ll get to that coming up.”

Gutenkunst added he’s hoping for a resolution before free agency begins on March 15. If Rodgers does return to Green Bay next season, his contract will be restructured, Gutenkunst said. The quarterback is scheduled to make $59.465 million guaranteed in 2023.

“He’s my quarterback, so I hope he’s back. If he’s back, we are ready to ball with him,” Aaron Jones said Tuesday on NFL Network. “If not, then we have Jordan Love, who’s more than capable, and he’s ready to ball as well and ready for his shot.”

The Jets have made it clear, from ownership on down, that they view quarterback as the “missing piece” to their Super Bowl hopes. With free agent Derek Carr coming off the market on Monday, the Jets’ pursuit of Rodgers intensified.

Some Jets players have taken to Twitter trying to recruit Rodgers. Running back Breece Hall tweeted “Don’t mind me…Just Manifesting

Cornerback Sauce Gardner took a more direct approach, tweeting:



Betting 2023 NFL Draft: What Team Will Take Anthony Richardson?

You can now bet on which team will draft Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson (scouting report) on DraftKings Sportsbook, just like you can with Bijan Robinson (scouting report). Richardson’s odds in the first overall pick market saw wild line movement a little more than a week ago, as he went from a 30-1 longshot to a 7.5-1 contender in a matter of hours. 

After dominating the combine over the weekend, Richardson is now 3-1 to be the first overall pick on DraftKings. As things stand today, Richardson is expected to go early in the first round.

When we analyzed Robinson’s market, we went through every team directly, as Robinson has a wide range of landing spots. In Richardson’s market, we will break down his potential landing spots in groups.

Which Team Will Draft Richardson?


Pick 2 & 12 Texans (+1000)

Pick 4 Colts (+400)

Pick 5 & 20 Seahawks (+550)

Pick 6 & 18 Lions (+750)

Pick 7 Raiders (+700)

Pick 8 Falcons (+600)

Pick 9 Panthers (+300)

This market has seven teams with 10/1 odds or less. They all have a draft pick within the top nine selections. Five of them have an immediate need at quarterback. Two are in a position to start a quality veteran this year while potentially allowing a rookie to sit for a full season. 

A lot can happen between now and the draft, but this betting market indicates one of these seven teams will likely select Richardson. Let’s dive into the favorites.

The Houston Texans will almost certainly draft a new quarterback, and they have the easiest path to moving up to the first pick. Despite their position, the Texans have the longest odds of selecting Richardson from this group. Betting markets believe Houston is more likely to take Bryce Young (scouting report) than Richardson.

The Indianapolis Colts are the second favorite in this market. The Colts’ new coach, former Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Shane Steichen, had great success with dual-threat quarterback Jalen Hurts. I’ve often said Hurts is among the most unique quarterback prospects I’ve ever evaluated. When he was at Alabama, I didn’t think he had any chance of developing into an impactful passer in the NFL. Then, he transferred to Oklahoma and looked like an entirely different player. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Richardson has similar potential but only started one year in college and never had that Hurts in Oklahoma-type season as a passer. Richardson could still be available if the Colts sit tight with the fourth pick. Indianapolis is also close enough to the top of the draft to trade up to the top spot if it wants to get ahead of Houston.

The Seattle Seahawks and the Detroit Lions are in similar positions. They both won nine games last year, had top-10 offenses, have two first-round picks, are both sneaky intriguing contenders in a weak NFC, and have veteran quarterbacks that are good but could be better. Both teams are in a position to develop a player like Richardson behind a quality veteran quarterback.

The Las Vegas Raiders appear interested in acquiring a veteran quarterback through trade or free agency. That doesn’t preclude them from taking a quarterback in the first round, especially if they can’t trade for Aaron Rodgers. But ultimately, that’s why Vegas is the fifth favorite in this market, with longer odds than two favorites that pick after them.

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If Richardson is still available at pick eight, I’d be surprised if he got past the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have a solid offensive line and an excellent young core of blue-chip pass-catchers. Arthur Smith’s run-centric, play-action-driven offense would be an intriguing fit for Richardson’s skill set. 

The Carolina Panthers are the top favorite in this market. Carolina hasn’t had a real solution at quarterback since Cam Newton missed most of the 2019 season. If any of the four quarterbacks expected to go in the first round are available, there is a good chance they don’t get past the Panthers.

The Falcons and Panthers selecting back-to-back could result in a trade-up by either team to secure a quarterback.

Fringe Contenders

Pick 11 Titans (+1300)

Pick 16 Commanders (+1600)

Both the Tennessee Titans and Washington Commanders could use a new future at quarterback. If Richardson falls, the Titans can start Ryan Tannehill this season while being patient with Richardson’s development. The Titans are in an interesting position to trade up for a quarterback with the 11th pick, too.

Washington appears to be entering the season with Sam Howell as its quarterback. The Commanders should be in the new quarterback market. However, they will have to leapfrog many teams with a quarterback need to get one of the top four guys. 


Longshots With Potential

Pick 13 Jets (+3000)

Pick 19 Buccaneers (+2000)

Pick 22 Ravens (+2500)

Pick 23 Vikings (+2500)

The New York Jets have a win-now roster, so they are a likely destination for Rodgers and Derek Carr. If the Jets miss out on both, they can trade up for a quarterback they like. If New York misses out on Rodgers and Carr, I will check this market to see if they are still 30-1.

>> READ: Is Carr Answer for QB Needy Teams? 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in a similar position to the Commanders in this year’s draft. The Buccaneers may enter the season with an unproven player still on their rookie deal in Kyle Trask

If the Baltimore Ravens or Minnesota Vikings were 75-1 in this market, I’d consider putting a bet on them. If the Ravens traded Lamar Jackson, it would make sense for them to get a dynamic quarterback prospect in this year’s draft. If one team were going to move on from speed-reliant quarterbacks after their rookie deals purposely, it would probably be Baltimore.

If the Vikings finally blow up their roster and start over, they, too, would become an interesting longshot to acquire Richardson. That said, there is no value on either of these teams at 25-1 odds.

Unlikely Longshots

Pick 1 Chicago Bears (+2500)

Pick 14 Patriots (+3500)

Pick 15 Packers (+7500)

Pick 17 Steelers (+10000)

Pick 25 Giants (+4500)

Pick 29 Saints (+4000)

Dolphins (+4500)

Rams (+10000)

49ers (+10000)

The Chicago Bears have the draft capital to start over at quarterback, but should they? The jury is still out on Justin Fields, even though he’s a dynamic athlete that just ran for 1,143 yards. He also turned the Bears into a dangerous offense by himself last season. It would be odd for the Bears to swap their current dynamic quarterback with accuracy concerns for an unproven rookie with the same problems.

>> READ: Bears Leaning Toward Trading No. 1 Overall

The New England Patriots made the playoffs in Mac Jones‘ first season. There is a high chance the Patriots give Jones one more full year after his up-and-down sophomore campaign. Whether it’s Rodgers or Jordan Love under center on opening day, the Green Bay Packers don’t appear to be in the quarterback market.

I expect the Pittsburgh Steelers to be patient with Kenny Pickett to the point he likely gets his entire rookie deal to prove himself. I’d be shocked if Pickett wasn’t the uncontested starter for the Steelers heading into opening day.

It appears the New York Giants will either extend Daniel Jones or use the franchise tag on him. They aren’t entirely out of the quarterback market, but they are close to being out. The New Orleans Saints need a new future at quarterback, but they would have to trade away a ton to move up from the 29th pick into new quarterback territory. 

The Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers all have injury uncertainty at quarterback. They would also need more draft capital to enter new quarterback territory.


Teams Completely Out of Quarterback Market

Pick 3 Cardinals (+10000)

Pick 10 & 31 Eagles (+10000)

Pick 21 Chargers (+20000)

Pick 24 Jaguars (+20000)

Pick 26 Cowboys (+10000)

Pick 27 Bills (+20000)

Pick 28 Bengals (+20000)

Pick 30 Chiefs (+20000)

Broncos (+10000)

Browns (+20000)

These teams are all long shots in this market because they are all set at quarterback. The Los Angeles Chargers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs are each complete cross-offs in this market. The Eagles belong in that group as well with Hurts. 

The Arizona Cardinals have the draft capital to select a new quarterback, but they signed Kyler Murray to a long-term deal last offseason. Even if the Cleveland Browns or Denver Broncos wanted to change directions at the position, neither team has a first-round pick to use in a trade. 

Notable Line Movement

This market opened on Friday, March 3. Here are the most notable early line changes in this market:

  • The Colts opened at +750, tied for the fifth favorite with the Falcons. Indianapolis is currently +400
  • The Falcons opened at +750, tied for the fifth favorite with the Colts. Atlanta is currently +600
  • The Raiders opened at +600 and are presently at +700
  • The Lions opened at +600 and are currently at +750
  • The Titans opened at +1000 and are presently at +1300
  • The Commanders opened at +1200 and are currently +1600
  • The Buccaneers opened at +1200 and are now +2000
  • The Patriots opened at +2200 and are now +3500
  • The Giants opened at +3000 and are now +4500
  • The Bengals, Bills, Browns, Chargers, Chiefs and Jaguars all opened at +10000 and are now all +20000

If I were an oddsmaker, I would have set the Colts and Falcons as the top two favorites in this market. The Raiders are signaling they’d prefer a veteran quarterback. The Lions could benefit from selecting a top-tier defensive talent, and Jared Goff is only 28. 

As things stand now, Richardson will likely be gone by the time the Titans, Commanders and Buccaneers pick. The Giants and Patriots are unlikely to select a first-round quarterback. If the Bengals, Bills, Browns, Chargers, Chiefs or Jaguars were +50000 in this market, I still wouldn’t frame those as good bets.

There is a logic-based reason behind each of these line movements.


Final Thoughts

I won’t make any bets in this market right now because a seven-team cluster of favorites could all realistically acquire Richardson. We could add the Titans to that mix and make it an eight-team bunch. 

Considering that eight teams within the first 11 picks could realistically draft a quarterback with their first selection, I don’t have any real interest in forcing a bet on a favorite in this market. The underdogs I like don’t have long enough odds for me to pull the trigger.

But I am going to check this market when these events transpire:

  • Rodgers gets traded, retires, or stays in Green Bay
  • Jimmy Garoppolo signs
  • Lamar Jackson signs or gets traded

And if these events transpire:

  • Kirk Cousins gets traded
  • Jones gets traded
  • Someone trades with the Bears for the first-overall pick

I want the “who needs a quarterback” market to narrow before making any bets in this market. I’ll use an example to illustrate why that matters. If, say, Rodgers gets traded to the Raiders, Carr signs with Carolina and Jackson gets traded to the Falcons, that string of events would radically change this market.

Three of the favorites would essentially be eliminated from contention, while the Jets and Ravens would become far more likely to expend significant resources to trade up for a quarterback. That’s another reason I’m waiting to make any bets in this market. 

If I make any bets in this market, I will drop those in our discord in the future.

WATCH: Top 5 Best Ball Targets

Free Agency

Derek Carr Agrees to 4-Year, $150M Contract With Saints

After meeting with several teams at the NFL Combine, Derek Carr has agreed to join a new team.

The former Las Vegas Raiders quarterback and the New Orleans Saints agreed on a four-year deal worth $150 million with $100 million in total guarantees, NFL Media reported. Although Carr also met with the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers, his preferred destination was New Orleans to reunite with former Raiders coach Dennis Allen. The Saints made their final pitch to Carr late on Sunday night.

Carr responded to the report on Monday morning via Twitter.

Carr will get $60 million guaranteed at signing with another $10 million coming in Year 3 of the contract. The deal is structured to help the Saints, who were $18 million over the cap, according to Over The Cap, before signing Carr.

Over the weekend, the Saints cleared $12.724 million in cap space by restructuring the contracts of linebacker Demario Davis and tight end Taysom Hill.

Carr met with the Saints twice. The first meeting came before he was released, as the Saints and Raiders discussed possible trade scenarios. However, Carr refused to waive his no-trade clause, forcing the Raiders to release him before having to pay him $40.4 million over the next two years.

The Saints finished last season at 7-10 in the lackluster NFC South. Jameis Winston began the season as the starter but was injured and replaced by Andy Dalton the rest of the way. Carr should be an upgrade over Winston and Dalton for the Saints.

Winston and Dalton accounted for 22 touchdown passes in 17 games last season, while Carr had 24 in 15 games.

Carr spent nine seasons with the Raiders, made four Pro Bowls and led them to the playoffs in 2016 and 2021. However, his time with the Raiders ended abruptly this season. Coach Josh McDaniels benched Carr for Jarrett Stidham in Week 15, causing Carr to leave the team to avoid being a distraction.

With Carr off the market, the Jets, who have made it clear they want to add a veteran quarterback this offseason, will likely have to pivot to Aaron Rodgers or Jimmy Garoppolo.

Rodgers has said his decision to play in 2023 will come “soon enough,” and the Green Bay Packers have said they want a resolution by the start of free agency on March 15.

Top Takeaways From First Two Days of NFL Combine

Top Takeaways From First Two Days of NFL Combine
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Report: Derek Carr Meeting With Multiple Teams at NFL Combine

As the NFL world converges on Indianapolis for the NFL Combine, so does the Derek Carr sweepstakes.

Carr is expected to meet with New York Jets, New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers at the combine on Tuesday, ESPN reported. Carr already met with the Jets and Saints, but Tuesday will be his first meeting with the Panthers.

During his combine news conference, Jets general manager Joe Douglas said New York’s first meeting with Carr was a “great visit, a very productive visit,” but didn’t get into if contract negotiations took place.

“Obviously with Derek, high-level producer, but really a phenomenal person,” Douglas said. “Just spending time with him, very authentic. Ultra intelligent. Very comfortable in his own skin. And highly competitive. On the tape, you see the talent, you see the release, the velocity, the way he gets the ball out, the decision-making, the accuracy, so a lot of things to like.”

The Jets reportedly told Carr during their meeting last week he could become “a first-ballot Hall of Famer” if he came to the Jets. The Jets already said this offseason that adding a veteran quarterback would get them to the playoffs.

Greg Jennings, a former NFL receiver and an analyst for The 33rd Team, believes the Jets are a good landing spot for Carr.

“I think the New York Jets are a perfect spot,” Jennings said. “When you think about what they have already on their roster, it’s ready-made with the insertion of a (quality) quarterback. The Jets wouldn’t have to give anything up; they can just acquire Derek Carr for whatever that contract will look like.”

New Panthers coach Frank Reich spoke to the NFL Network about meeting with Carr on Tuesday night.

“It went well. It is unique,” Reich said. “Derek having an opportunity, a situation which for a player doesn’t get any better than that. He gets to pick [his team].

“Our whole leadership crew had a great visit with him. No offer (was) made, just talking it through. Just wanting to hear from him, what he’s looking for. … We want to figure out: Is this the right fit?”

The only two quarterbacks on the Panthers roster are Matt Corral and Jacob Eason. Neither has made an NFL start.

The Panthers have the ninth pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, and The 33rd Team’s Scouting Department has them selecting Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson (scouting report) in its latest mock draft.

Carr’s visit with the Saints occurred before he was released by the Las Vegas Raiders, saving the Raiders $40.4 million over the next two years. Previous reporting indicated the Raiders and Saints had agreed to the framework of a Carr trade, but Carr wouldn’t waive his no-trade clause, forcing the Raiders to release him.

Carr has a connection to the Saints; he worked with Saints coach Dennis Allen when Allen was the Raiders’ coach in 2014. However, New Orleans’ cap situation could be a roadblock to a potential deal. The Saints are more than $30 million over the cap, according to Over The Cap.

Any contract Carr signs with the Saints would have to be preceded by a significant cap shakeup by general manager Mickey Loomis.

2022 NFL Draft Do-Over: Sauce Gardner Goes No. 1, Jets Land New Franchise QB

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