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Javion Cohen 2024 NFL Draft: Combine Results, Scouting Report For Miami OG

Miami Hurricanes guard Javion Cohen
Miami-Fl offensive lineman Javion Cohen (OL10) during the 2024 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2024 NFL Draft is getting close, making it an excellent time to highlight some of the class' best players with scouting reports. Each report will include strengths, weaknesses and background information. 

Here's our report on Javion Cohen.


  • Height: 6-foot-3 1/4"
  • Weight: 322
  • 40-yard dash: 5.03
  • 10-yard split: 1.75
  • 20-yard shuttle: 4.61
  • Vertical jump: 27.5"
  • Broad jump: 9-foot-1
  • Arm length: 31 1/2"



  • Excellent size and body frame for OG. Played a little heavier at Miami in 2023 than he did at Alabama in 2022.
  • Fired off the ball low with good leverage as a run blocker. Showed strength on contact with power to sustain.
  • Showed some pop and power in his hands and arms when he struck DL off the ball as a base and drive blocker.
  • In run-game snaps, he showed light feet and efficient movement while climbing to the second level to block LB.
  • Effective as a puller in gap scheme run game. Showed some force on contact and finished with a competitive edge.
  • Effective in pass protection with a stiff punch to control the rusher early in the down, allowing him to stay square.


  • Beaten as a base and drive blocker in the run game when he allowed DT to make first control controlling the rep.
  • Struggled at times working to the second level in the run game: Stiff lower half, high pad level and lack of athleticism.
  • Some stiffness through his body, which hurt him at times in pass protection re: mirror and re-direct effectively.
  • Feet can be a little sluggish in pass protection. There were snaps in which he got stuck and bent at the waist.
  • He has a wide base at times in pass protection, limiting movement and making him susceptible to quickness off contact.

Miami Hurricanes guard Javion Cohen
American offensive lineman Javion Cohen of Miami (54) during practice for the American team at Hancock Whitney Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports


Cohen will likely be a specific projection and transition to the next level, given his traits profile, which is founded on play strength more than athletic movement. Cohen has outstanding size, length and mass for the OG position.

His game reflects his body composition, with his strengths being physicality and toughness in confined spaces with heavy hands to control DT in the run game and in pass protection. Cohen must control the terms of engagement early in the down to be successful. When he can do that — especially in the run game — he can jar DTs with the power in his hands and move them out of the POA.

In pass protection, Cohen must control the rusher early to stay square and use his strength and overall physical presence. Given his physical toughness and competitiveness, which are always critical attributes at the OG position, Cohen will find a place in the NFL.

It would not be surprising if he develops into a starter at some point in an offense that features gap scheme concepts in the run game and an emphasis on the quick game and rhythm passing.


Cohen came out of Alabama as a four-star recruit and played his first three college seasons at Alabama, where he started in his final two seasons. In 2023, Cohen transferred to Miami and started all 12 games at LG.