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Houston Texans NFL Draft Grades 2023: Bold to Target Will Anderson Jr.

C.J. Stroud Will Anderson Houston Texans

The 2023 NFL Draft is complete, and the Houston Texans made nine picks.

The Texans had the second-worst record in 2022, so they had plenty of work to do to improve for 2023.

The 33rd Team Scouting Dept. graded every pick in this year’s draft; here's how the Texans fared:

Houston Texans 2023 NFL Draft Grades

2. C.J. Stroud, QB, Ohio State

C.J. Stroud (scouting report) throws the ball with more accuracy, touch and consistency than any of the other quarterbacks in this class. While he's not a perfect prospect, it would have been difficult for the Texans to go with Davis Mills as their starter again.

Grade: B

3. Will Anderson Jr., Edge, Alabama

Will Anderson (scouting report) may not be a Myles Garrett or Von Miller in terms of freakish bend and explosiveness, but he has been one of the most productive pass rushers in college football while facing SEC competition and having a mark on his back every week.

Grade: B+

62. Juice Scruggs, C, Penn State

Juice Scruggs (scouting report) is very smart and aware. He is not dynamic and lacks any big time traits, but he is a productive player and a sneaky athlete. He wins more than he loses and plays on his feet.

Grade: C+

69. Nathaniel Dell, WR, Houston

Nathaniel Dell (scouting report) is a an undersized but explosive slot receiver. He can create separation in the middle of the field and be a big playmaker for C.J. Stroud. He has the speed to take the top of the defense and in addition to his prowess as a separator. This is a good value in the third round.

Grade: B+

104. Dylan Horton, DL, TCU

The Texans got Anderson in the first round and grabbed Dylan Horton (scouting report) in the fourth to help Houston's pass rush with his plus play strength and motor.

Grade: C-

167. Henry To’oTo’o, LB, Alabama

DeMeco Ryan gets an athletic LB in Henry To'oTo'o (scouting report) and adds another piece to the Houston defense. To'oTo'o is tough and assignment sound.

Grade: A

201. Jarrett Patterson, C, Notre Dame

Jarrett Patterson (scouting report) is smart and tough. Highly instinctive player that has clean, quick eyes. He's an average athlete that is on the ground a bit too much. This is a player that could provide some depth but probably not a starter.

Grade: B-

205. Xavier Hutchinson, WR, Iowa State

Xavier Hutchinson (scouting report) is an outside-only, possession receiver with good size and build. He is best on back-shoulder throws and outbreaking routes toward the sideline. He does lack the top-end speed to get down the field and be a big play threat. Houston gets a big option on the outside for Stroud.

Grade: B+

248. Brandon Hill, Safety, Pittsburgh

Brandon Hill (scouting report) is an active, undersized safety with good play speed, who flies around but falls off of too many tackles. His feet, hips and speed provide some man-coverage ability, but his lack of size and inconsistent tackling make it tough to project him as more than a backup.

Grade: C+