NFL Offseason Fixer-Uppers: Three Ways Bills Can Break Through in 2023

In an ongoing offseason series, experts from The 33rd Team offer three things each team can do to improve in 2023. 


Here are three things the Buffalo Bills must accomplish to break through in the 2023 NFL season and finally hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

Three Ways to Improve Bills

1. Josh Allen Must Dial Back Hero Ball

You know how this game is played, and you know what’s most important — that’s the quarterback. Look, Buffalo’s QB Josh Allen, we saw him on fire at the beginning of the season, and then we saw him start to taper off.

One of the things that I noticed in studying Allen: his game is predicated on playing hero ball. He’s a young quarterback with a big arm who wants to make the home run plays. If he can control that, particularly when they’re in the red zone, and just be more execution based, that’s going to improve the team drastically.

2. Improve Defense

We saw the drastic change when Von Miller went down in 2022. This defense needs a player that can get after the quarterback, allow those corners to cover and then improve the overall defense.

They could use improved safety play and could stand to get a little deeper at the cornerback position. This team is really good, so this is really like nitpicking.

3. Add A Pass Catcher

Gabe Davis didn’t take the step forward he was capable of taking this year, but we know who Stefon Diggs is. So if they can just solidify that slot position and give Allen another option outside of Diggs, they could be really dangerous. It could even be someone out of the backfield, like Saquon Barkley. I like their running backs, but giving Allen another pass-catching threat is how the Bills can really improve next season.

Greg Jennings is a former NFL wide receiver who played for the Packers, Vikings and Dolphins. A two-time Pro Bowl player, Jennings was a member of the Packers’ Super Bowl XLV championship team and is inducted into the club’s Hall of Fame. Follow him on Twitter @GregJennings.

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