Sydney Warner

Podcast Host

Sydney Warner, formerly known as Sydney Hightower before her marriage to San Francisco 49ers’ standout Fred Warner, is known for her presence on reality television and social media influence. Sydney was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and formerly worked as a retail marketing manager. Together with her husband, Sydney co-hosts the popular podcast "The Warner House." This podcast serves as a hub for football enthusiasts and fans of the San Francisco 49ers while also discussing NFL news and rumors and what life is like off the field together. 

Sydney’s introduction to the public eye occurred in season 24 of the popular reality show "The Bachelor." Her appearance on the show marked the beginning of her journey on not just TV but social media and her relationship with Fred Warner. Sydney has established a strong presence on social media, posting a mix of content, including “get ready with me” videos, fashion insights, travel experiences, and engaging sports-related content. She also shares shopping hauls and beauty tips, catering to a broad audience. 

Sydney and Fred sealed their love in a traditional ceremony in a small chapel in June of 2022 in Vista, California. Her ability to connect with a wide audience and her role in co-hosting The Warner House shows her continued success in the world of entertainment and digital influence.