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Assessing Likely Deebo Samuel Trade Packages

Deebo Samuel Contract

Deebo Samuel marks the next big name wide receiver who has requested a trade from his team. With the receiver market being reset this offseason, players are looking to lock down their long-term money and financial stability. The talks between San Francisco and Samuel have reportedly stalled which has resulted in a trade request from Samuel, per Jeff Darlington. 

Samuel’s party is most likely looking for a contract similar to the ones other receivers have signed this off-season. Top players at his position are now getting deals that garner close to $25 million per year with Tyreek Hill leading the way at $30 million. 

Samuel’s impact on the 49ers offense significantly increased in 2021 and he evidently feels he earned a long-term extension with his play. This past year he had career high with 1,405 receiving yards, 6 receiving touchdowns and an impressive 8 rushing touchdowns. 

In a since deleted tweet, Samuel said “Reporters job is to make stories only people know the truth about situation is 49ers @ToryDandy and deebo Samuel.” 

The 49ers are caught in a tough position, weighing whether to trade a good young player or make the financial commitment that comes with signing Samuel to an extension.

In March, The 33rd Team’s Grant Reiter and Charles Brensinger wrote an article breaking down Deebo’s valuation when it comes to his contract extension. In their article they stated:

“Deebo Samuel is a very talented and unique player, but he’s ultimately a cross between an elite weapon and a specialized role player. Though his on-field play is probably worth between $18-$19M per season, we’d be surprised if he didn’t get at least $20M and likely closer to $21-$22M per year.”

With this predicament coming just eight days before the draft, the 49ers will most likely look to get a trade done beforehand or during to maximize their ability to recoup immediate impact players. 

The most likely suitors for Samuel’s talent are the Packers, Jets and Lions due to them having the draft capital needed to acquire him and a legitimate need for the position.

Here is the draft capital each team has to offer in the 2022 draft:


Round 1: Nos. 22, 28 

Round 2: Nos. 53, 59

Round 3: No. 92

Round 4: Nos. 132, 140

Round 5: No. 171

Round 7: Nos. 228, 249, 258


Round 1: Nos. 2, 32 

Round 2: No. 34

Round 3: Nos. 66, 97

Round 5: No. 177

Round 6: Nos. 181, 217


Round 1: Nos. 4, 10 

Round 2: Nos. 35, 38

Round 3: No. 69

Round 4: Nos. 111, 117 

Round 5: Nos. 146, 163

This offseason there have been multiple big name wide receivers traded that ended with 1st round and 2nd round picks exchanged for players. Samuel’s value on the market may not call for this type of draft capital, but his breakout this year and youth does make it an interesting topic of discussion. His value is probably lesser than that of Hill or Davante Adams considering he is less of a proven commodity.

This situation is unique in the sense that each team will value Deebo’s skill set differently. His versatility was extremely successful in the 49ers scheme last year, but it due at least in part to the coaching staff’s deployment of his talents. 

Every front office will value him differently based on how they see him fitting into their offense. This trade demand between the 49ers and Deebo Samuel will be an interesting case study on how teams around the league value this type of versatility at the wide receiver position.

Potential Trade Packages:

Packers Trade: No. 28, No. 140, and Amari Rodgers for Deebo Samuel

Lions Trade: No. 32 and Ifeatu Melifonwu for Deebo Samuel

Jets Trade: No. 35, No. 38 and Denzel Mims for Deebo Samuel