The Browns Can Win With Jacoby Brissett at Quarterback

When we acquired Jacoby Brissett in 2017 while I was in Indianapolis, he was not fully prepared to start for us.

We acquired him late in the offseason. He missed out on OTAs and training camp with us and had basically a week with us to learn and digest our playbook. He took it all in stride, and that’s part of why I believe he’ll be successful with the Cleveland Browns in the six games he will start due to Deshaun Watson’s suspension.

Unlike his time in Indianapolis, Jacoby will have had that time in Cleveland. He’s been there since March. With Baker Mayfield not practicing with the team and Watson’s status up in the air, Jacoby has had most, if not all, of those reps. He’s had time to learn the system and build chemistry with his teammates.

Jacoby is a phenomenal, phenomenal teammate. His energy and competitive toughness when he was with us on the Colts were both striking, and he’ll certainly have brought that with him to Cleveland.

From a talent perspective, he can really do it all. He’s got an NFL-caliber arm. He can hit all the windows on the field. He’s mobile. He’s smart. Jacoby’s started 37 games in the NFL and he’s seen it all during those starts. That will only help him during this six-game stretch.

The best thing is that, while Jacoby is talented, he doesn’t have to do it all. The Browns have built a talented roster. They run the ball extremely well with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. Kevin Stefanski does a great job scheming and drawing those receivers open. He’ll do a good job of putting Brissett in the best possible position to win. Pair that with an elite offensive line and weapons on the outside like Amari Cooper and David Njoku and this offense is ready to help Jacoby shoulder the load. With a defense with top-5 potential, the Browns have built a team capable of ensuring they can win these six games while Watson is suspended.

When Jacoby Brissett was our starter, we went 4-12, but he gave us a chance in every game—we just didn’t have the roster around him to do so.

In Cleveland, he has the roster to succeed as a starting quarterback.