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Tom Brady Back With Bucs After an 11-Day Absence

Tom Brady

After an 11-day leave of absence from training camp, quarterback Tom Brady returned to Buccaneers training camp on Monday.

Brady, who took the prearranged leave for personal reasons, was sharp in practice and picked up where he left off on Aug. 11 when he left camp, according to coach Todd Bowles. The 45-year-old quarterback did not talk to reporters after practice.

Brady came under some light criticism for his absence, especially at a time when the Buccaneers are shuffling their offensive line. But The 33rd Team's Brett Favre believes Brady has earned the right to call his own shots.

"A break from time to time is probably a good thing," Favre said on Monday. "Now, some might say 11 days  ... that's a long time. Well, it is a long time. But if anybody can do it, Tom can do it."