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The 5 Most Important Games from the NFL Schedule Release

The 5 Most Important Games from the NFL Schedule Release

Nowadays the NFL offseason is packed with enough news and events to keep fans happy until the new season comes around. This week is no different with the league releasing their full schedule for every single team this upcoming season. An NFL team’s schedule is an overlooked portion of how their season will play out. The timing of when they play their opponents is almost as important as who they play throughout the season. By taking a look at some of the critical matchups that were just released we can take an advanced look at important and entertaining matchups this season.

Week 1: Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks

This Week 1 matchup will feature a storyline that centers around Russell Wilson returning to his former team the Seattle Seahawks. This offseason the Denver Broncos sent a large amount of assets to acquire the Super Bowl winning quarterback. As of right now, this Monday night game is set to feature a Drew Lock versus Wilson matchup that will have both fan bases clamoring to decide who won this trade in the short term.

Week 13: Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans

The drama and storyline surrounding the Texans and Browns matchup is almost something out of a movie. The 2021 offseason was kickstarted by Deshaun Watson requesting a trade from the Texans. It was then followed by accusations that led to him sitting out all of the 2021 season. One year later the Texans sent him to the Browns in exchange for a large sum of draft picks. This game will be the pinnacle of drama if Watson ends up playing this season. The motivation for Watson and the Texans organization to best one another will be a large storyline heading into this year.

Week 7: Chicago Bears at New England Patriots

The importance of this game boils down to the 2021 NFL draft where both Mac Jones and Justin Fields were the last two quarterbacks taken in the 1st round. This primetime showdown is a glimpse of what could be the start of a rivalry between these two players. With the Bears starting over with a new coaching staff and front office, games like these will test how prepared and tough they are in important situations. Going into Foxborough on a Monday night will showcase which tone the Bears set with this new regime at the helm.

Week 6: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs

The Bills versus Chiefs rivalry of AFC powers has become a staple in the NFL over the past few years. Both teams have high-powered offenses led by incredibly talented quarterbacks with powerful arms. Last postseason, Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes battled it out like two heavyweight boxers when these teams faced in the divisional round. Fans from every fan base will be looking to see how this one turns out. This game will most likely have conference seeding implications due to both teams being consistent playoff contenders.

Week 10: Washington Commanders at Philadelphia Eagles

This Week 10 matchup features Carson Wentz returning to face the team he was drafted by, and to face the quarterback who replaced him. This game will take place on primetime Monday Night Football, where the country will see this divisional grudge match take place. Since Wentz’s departure, the Eagles have found success and made the playoffs. For Wentz this will be a revenge game that allows him to prove Philadelphia right or wrong in their decision to move on.