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Graham Barton 2024 NFL Draft: Combine Results, Scouting Report For Tampa Bay buccaneers OT

Duke tackle Graham Barton
Duke Blue Devils offensive lineman Graham Barton (62) before the game at Kenan Memorial Stadium on Nov. 11, 2023. (Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports)

The 2024 NFL Draft is getting close, making it an excellent time to highlight some of the class' best players with scouting reports. Each report will include strengths, weaknesses and background information. 

Here's our report on Graham Barton.

Graham Barton's 2024 NFL Combine RESULTS

  • Height: 6-foot-5 3/8
  • Weight: 313
  • 40-yard dash: 4.84
  • 20-yard shuttle: 4.43
  • Vertical jump: DNP
  • Broad jump: DNP
  • Arm Length: 32 7/8”



  • Came off the ball low with leverage, generating strength and power in his core as a down blocker in the run game 
  • Efficient as a run blocker with his first and second steps; his second step generated leverage and power to move defensive linemen. 
  • Showed plus mobility and balance as a run blocker, pulling inside and outside and climbing to the second level
  • Excellent short-area quickness off combo blocks to get to linebackers at the second level, and adjusted to moving targets 
  • Consistently strong as a down blocker, washing defensive linemen out of the hole; played with leverage and core strength
  • Strong leverage as a run blocker, driving low to high while staying centered and keeping feet moving to finish with power 
  • What consistently stood out was his balance and body control snap after snap, as well as his core strength and contact balance 
  • Efficient kick slide in pass protection with balance and a firm base; strength to anchor vs. speed-to-power 
  • Consistent and efficient with technique and footwork in pass protection, good knee bend and balance 
  • Showed efficient mirror and lateral movement in pass protection, as well as smooth reactive athleticism vs. counters 
  • Did an excellent job in pass protection, consistently staying in his cylinder and keeping his head inside his shoulders 
  • Consistently did a good job recovering in pass protection when his technique and balance were compromised
  • Looked more comfortable with short and 45-degree sets than vertical sets even on deeper drops by the quarterback 
  • Has lower-body strength and strong hands to effectively handle speed-to-power, and stayed upright within his cylinder 
  • Played with excellent awareness and accelerated vision, recognizing and reacting to stunts and pressures


  • Watching his 2022 tape, it appeared he had the body frame and movement traits of a guard more than a tackle
  • On pass protection snaps in which he dropped his head through contact, he lunged and lost control of the rep
  • Has a tendency in pass protection to be a beat late with his hands on deeper sets and struck outside in exposing his chest 
  • There were vertical pass set reps in which he did not maintain balance and body control at the top of the arc
  • May not possess the range in his vertical sets to transition to tackle in the NFL; looked labored at times
  • Had issues throughout the 2022 season getting beat to the inside; pass rushers crossed his face and he was caught 
  • Balance and body control were recurring issues in the run game; fell off too many blocks and was unable to sustain 
  • Tendency to play with wide hands while climbing to the second level in the run game; needs to tighten his hand placement
  • His 2023 tape showed a lack of arm length was a factor in pass protection at left tackle; too many speed-to-power rushes got inside of him. 
  • Showed a tendency at left tackle to widen his base when forced to react to quickness and counters and displayed balance and body control issues
  • Does not have the lateral range to consistently control and seal the edge vs. quick challenges off the edge 
  • At times in pass protection, was late with his hands and strike timing, resulting in the pass rusher getting into his frame  

Graham Barton celebrates after a play
Duke Blue Devils offensive tackle Graham Barton (62) celebrates a point during the first half of the game against the Miami Hurricanes at Wallace Wade Stadium. at Wallace Wade Stadium. (Jaylynn Nash-USA TODAY Sports)


Barton has a lot of college experience at left tackle with 34 starts in his final three seasons, but it is unlikely he will transition to the NFL at that position given his compact build, lack of lateral range and shorter-than-desired arm length. Barton will move inside to guard or center, where he has a chance to be a first-year starter due to his strong fundamental technique and athleticism in the run game. That athleticism is manifest in his quickness off the ball, back-side reach, cut-off blocks and second-level climbs.

Barton showed a desirable combination of contact strength and movement power, driving low to high off the ball with outstanding leverage to displace defensive linemen in the run game.

What consistently stood out with Barton as a run blocker and in pass protection was his grip strength. He possesses powerful hands to control and displace defensive linemen in the run game and latch onto pass rushers to stay in a good position to re-direct vs. any counter moves.

Barton was at his best in pass protection at left tackle when he engaged early in the down with his quickness off the snap creating force and minimizing any speed-to-power with a strong anchor. That approach will serve him well when he transitions inside to guard or center. 

Overall, Barton is a higher-level interior line prospect who is an explosive drive and down blocker in the run game and a strong pass protector with the grip strength to control pass rushers both re: mirror and re-direct and anchor vs. speed-to-power where he showed outstanding strength throughout his body. As an interior offensive lineman, Barton will be a plus athlete but his game will be built more on technique, leverage and outstanding competitive toughness.


Barton came out of Tennessee as a three-star prospect and became Duke's starting center as a true freshman. Barton moved to left tackle as a sophomore in 2021 and was the starter there for three consecutive seasons, finishing his career with five starts at center and 34 at left tackle. 

Barton had a strong performance both run blocking and in pass protection vs. Clemson but struggled in pass protection vs. North Carolina. Barton was driven into the ground on a speed-to-power pass rush by Florida State DE Jared Verse when he was late with his hands and Verse got into his chest. Late hands was a persistent issue against Verse. The result was Barton was physically beaten at times in the run game and pass protection.