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Is Kenny Pickett a Starting QB?

Kenny Pickett starting QB


Greg Cosell— Executive Producer & Analyst for NFL Matchup on ESPN— is joined by veteran NFL Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and former NFL Quarterback Hugh Millen to discuss Kenny Pickett's potential as an NFL starter.

Cosell's Breakdown

Breaking down the tape, Cosell shares why he believes the Pittsburgh QB has what it takes to succeed. Banking on Pickett's physical and mental toughness, Cosell argues that the QB could find success as an efficient ball distributor from the pocket despite lacking the traditional power arm most teams value in a first-round selection.

Cosell also elaborates on how Pickett can improve. He explains that Pickett has a habit of leaving the pocket early, a problem that NFL defenses could exacerbate.  "If you're predominantly a pocket quarterback, which is what Pickett would be in the league for the most part," Cosell says. "You've got to be able to learn to throw with people around you. 

Schottenheimer's Breakdown

Continuing on with the discussion, Cosell turns it over to former NFL Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer to shed light on a QBs transition from the college game to the NFL. Gleaning from his experience developing young signal-callers like Trevor Lawrence, Schottenheimer explains that Pickett will need to find success working from a condensed pocket in order to keep his offense moving down the field. Schottenheimer points to New England Patriots Quarterback Mac Jones as a young player who had success out of the condensed pocket.

To finish the segment, former NFL QB Hugh Millen joins the group. Millen expounds on his belief that the most critical trait for any quarterback is an ability to "throw it the right guy, at the right time... accurately." Next, the former quarterback explains why he believes that vision is so crucial. "The defense is going to tell you the right guy to throw to," Millen explains. "From there it's just, does he have the skill set to throw it accurately.'"