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Cheap Thrills: Week 15 DFS Value Players Under $5500

Week 15 DFS Value Players

Fans across the globe are anticipating the big game on Sunday. After a month of build-up and a bunch of shootouts, the world will finally find out which team is better: the Colt McCoy-led Cardinals or the Brett Rypien-led Broncos. Aside from that game, the NFL is set to have one of the most critical weeks of the season. While many people will be tempted to take a week off from the NFL and watch Messi go for the World Cup, that is not the right decision. Smart football fans will take advantage of all the poorly set DraftKings prices this week and enter the work week with a pocket full of money.

Tom Brady ($5500)

I never thought I’d see the day Tom Brady would be considered a value player. However, in a must-win home game against the Cincinnati Bengals, DraftKings believes Brady is worth just $5500. You must take advantage of this. Sure there are some valid reasons why Brady has such a low price. The Bengals have a great pass defense, and Brady has yet to have a truly dominant performance this season. Despite his inability to break out, though, Brady has been extremely consistent. He has thrown for more than 240 yards in each of his last 11 games, and he has thrown a touchdown in every game but one.

Drafting Brady will guarantee you at least a serviceable performance at QB, but he definitely has a higher ceiling than DraftKings is giving him credit for. As I mentioned earlier, this is a must-win game for the Bucs as they hold just a one-game lead in the NFC South. The Bucs offense is as healthy as they’ve been all season. The Bengals also allow over 22 points per game to home opponents, as opposed to 18 points per game in Cincinnati. All factors considered, the value is just too good not to ride with the GOAT on Sunday.

Zonovan Knight ($5300)

The Jets have had a less-than-ideal season on offense. From their star rookie running back suffering a season-ending injury in Week 7 to their “franchise” QB refusing to take accountability for his poor performance, it seemed like little was going right for the Jets offense as the season went on. However, Zonovan Knight has been a ray of sunshine among dark clouds for the J-E-T-S. In his first three weeks as the starting back, Knight has 69 or more rushing yards in every game and is averaging over 3 receptions per game. He has outperformed his DraftKings value in all three weeks, which is why I’m confused as to why Knight’s price this week is just $5300. The Jets are playing at home against the red-hot Detroit Lions, and even though Zach Wilson will be starting for New York, I still anticipate a high-scoring and competitive game.

Knight has earned his spot as the premier back in New York. In Michael Carter’s return last week, he saw just 5 carries compared to Knight’s 17 carries. He will continue to see plenty of volume this week, especially considering the Jets’ distrust of Zach Wilson. Knight has proved he is a legitimate running back in the NFL, and there is no player priced at $5300 with a higher ceiling. 

Greg Dulcich ($3600)

I know I said the Jets offense was bad this year, but compared to the Broncos offense, the Jets are basically the 2019 Chiefs. That said, the Broncos have a promising young tight end who goes by the name of Greg Dulcich. This week, Denver faces an uphill battle, playing without Russell Wilson and Courtland Sutton. As a result of these injuries, Dulcich is slated to be the focal point of the Brett Rypien-led Broncos offense. He has seen 8 targets in his last two games and is going up against a defense that has allowed the most fantasy points to tight ends this season.

Look, I’m not going to lie to you and say that the Cardinals-Broncos game will be fun to watch. It won’t be. However, Dulcich will see plenty of opportunities to outperform his $3600 price tag. He is one of the most promising rookies in the league this year and is poised to have one of the best statistical games of his young career.

Everyone has a big holiday shopping list this year, and it may be stressful to pay for everything. Don’t worry, Zonovan is here to save the day. These are some of the worst price settings I’ve ever seen from DraftKings, and it is your responsibility to take advantage of them. As the playoff plot thickens, we can expect to see some of the most exciting football we have seen all season. And some of the most profitable.


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