Trey Lance Instantly Makes 49ers a Contender

I’m really looking forward to Trey Lance playing this year. I know I am not the only one. There were times when I wasn’t really sure how long the 49ers were gonna wait.

I think they kind of stuck the landing on this thing. They were able to give Trey Lance 179 snaps last year. That is a boatload of work he quietly accrued. Now, you get a clean break and a team that beat the Super Bowl champions twice last year.

Last year, they were a late interception and an overthrow in the Super Bowl away from having maybe a ring or two. If you are Kyle Shanahan, you are saying, “Now I can marry up a lot of my play-action with my run game.” There is more quarterback-run stuff and more wrinkles that other teams are going to have to prepare for. 

On top of all that, they are going to throw the ball deep more. 

Last year in those snaps that Lance was in for, he threw the ball deep more often than Jimmy Garoppolo. They will take more shots, and you know for a young guy, those are better areas to make mistakes in. If you are going to throw an interception, take a shot. Throw that interception deep and outside or deep and over the middle of the field.

Every time Garoppolo dropped back, I felt there was a collective nervousness in that anything could go wrong in whatever part of the field he was working. I think this really opens this offense up a lot and makes them a contender if Lance is a decent passer who throws in a lot of wrinkles.

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