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Aaron Rodgers Was Right to Call out Receivers

Editor’s note: The 33rd Team’s Mike Martz explains why he liked Aaron Rodgers’ decision to call out the Green Bay Packers receivers for their substandard performance. 

It gets to the point where if the coaches don’t handle it, then something is going to happen! If that happened to me when I was a coach I would be embarrassed it came down to that.

I’ve seen Peyton Manning and Tom Brady when he went down to Tampa Bay—even Dan Fouts when I went to practice to see him—they just absolutely ripped into the receiving corps.

When you’re playing at such a high level as Aaron Rodgers is, the expectation is the receivers have to be at the same level as Rodgers. When they’re not, the Packers can’t accept that. If they do accept it, then somebody has to yank a knot in their rear end and get them going. That’s what Aaron Rodgers did.

I think you have to do what you have to do, and I don’t have any problem with what Rodgers did at all

I’m glad he did it.

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