Fantasy Football Items to Look Out For in Week 6

Fantasy Football Items to Look Out For in Week 6

Welcome to the fantasy football items to look out for in Week 6. We are in the thick of it now, so this is prime time trade season. I always made it a habit to check in with the bottom teams in the league, it’s amazing what a little contact and an actual offer that can be a mutual win can do for a trade, to get a player no one thought was available. I recommend getting on the horn and sending out quality offers. If you have the ability to speak with the person via text or phone, it will likely be an easier transaction, but just trying is the first step.

Without that, I always caution against absurd offers. For instance, someone offered me the Vikings tight end Tyler Conklin for Calvin Ridley straight up last week after it was made known Ridley would not travel with the Falcons for the game in London. Now I don’t know if anyone actually thinks that offer is anywhere close to fair, but what it does do is just annoy the owner of Ridley (me in this instance) to a point where trading with that person is going to be unlikely because I’m less interested in trying to find something that may work. Just some food for thought as we all start sending out trade offers. With that in mind, let’s start looking at pickups for Week 6 to fill out your roster after you’ve opened up a roster spot with your new trade.   

1) Sony Michel – Los Angeles Rams

I don’t love this pickup, but RB’s are impossible to find at this point in the season, and Sony is available in 49% of Yahoo leagues.  The fact that he had 11 Thursday night against the Seahawks, gives hope that he will continue to get significant carries for a team that moves the ball.

2) Michael Carter – New York Jets

I know, I know the Jets offense is horrible, but this kid is actually pretty good, and to have the ability to find a starting RB anywhere at this point who is still available in 47% of yahoo leagues is pretty good. Plus, as a rookie, I would expect him to get better and more involved as this season continues. However, he still plays for the Jets offense, which should temper anyone’s expectations on him being anything more than a spot starter if you are in a difficult situation.  

3) Devontae Booker – New York Giants

Well here is the injury bug at work, and now Devontae Booker has a shot to get a bunch of carries. However if Daniel Jones doesn’t play this week, I’m not sure I would play him, as I wouldn’t expect a whole lot from the offense in general.  

4) Rashod Bateman – Baltimore Ravens

Here is an interesting one to keep an eye on for future weeks. I hear he had been lighting it up at practice before his injury. A big target for Lamar Jackson coming off the Monday night thriller could be something to keep tabs on in the coming weeks. 


Ari Nissim, has been involved with the NFL for the last 17 years.  Working in the New York Jets front office from 2006-2013, as the Director of Football Administration handling the salary cap and player contract negotiations.  Most recently an NFLPA certified contract advisor, who has represented three top ten picks and re-set the running back market with Todd Gurley’s record-breaking extension.  He recently started his own sports agency, Lionheart Sports Corp.  

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