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Bradley Chubb Will Be ‘Closer’ Dolphins Need Down the Stretch

The Colts Failed Matt Ryan

The Denver Broncos traded Bradley Chubb to the Miami Dolphins for a first-round pick and running back Chase Edmonds on Tuesday. This is a big-time move to get the Dolphins to the next level.

When I was with the Cowboys in 1992, Jimmy Johnson made a trade before the first week of the season. We traded with San Francisco for Charles Haley and got him ready to play in five days. We used him in nickel that first week on a Monday night, and he helped us beat Washington 23-10.

Only certain players on your football team are closers, and pass rushers are on that list. Chubb is a closer. You’ve got the lead and need to stop the other team and close the game. Pass rushers are probably as valuable as any position on your team in this situation.

I know Chubb has been banged up, but he is only 26 years old. He has a history of success in doing what he is doing going back to his college days at North Carolina State. 

I think he is an excellent addition to the Dolphins because the added pressure he brings will help those defensive tackles – Christian Wilkins and the other young guys. Suddenly you have a veteran guy who has been there that can bring that pressure.

Just look at last season. Look what Von Miller was able to do for the Rams. I guarantee you Aaron Donald will tell you right now, “I know he had only five sacks when he came to the Rams, but guess what? It helped me.”

A guy like that affects the entire protection of your offensive line. Which side is going to get the extra help? That is what will happen with the Miami Dolphins with Chubb.

Take Za’Darius Smith, for example; right now in Minnesota, he has 8.5 sacks for the Vikings, and they are 6-1. That should be talked about more!

Adding Bradley Chubb to that Miami defense will make a big difference.

So, to me, it is pretty obvious: pass rushers are invaluable. I get that Denver needs draft picks, but I think this is an excellent move by Chris Grier and the Miami Dolphins moving forward.

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