Tom Lewand

Tom Lewand

Former NFL Executive


Examining the Deshaun Watson Case Through the Eyes of an Arbiter

As Deshaun Watson, the NFL, and NFLPA enter their third day of disciplinary hearings, it is interesting to consider Watson’s situation and disciplinary decision from the perspective of the NFL’s impartial arbitrator, Judge Sue L. Robinson. It is particularly compelling because this is the first time under the Personal Conduct Policy that a disciplinary decision […]


Beyond X’s and O’s: Future Head Coaches Need These Intangibles

As President of the Detroit Lions from 2006-2015, I had the opportunity to lead two head coaching searches with General Manager Martin Mayhew that resulted in the hirings of Jim Schwartz and Jim Caldwell. The first search process I was a part of in 1997 brought Bobby Ross to Detroit. I also participated in two […]