Joe Banner is a former front office executive for both the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns who was last in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons as a consultant in 2015. While in the NFL, Banner was a part of an Eagles franchise that made a Super Bowl and played in four NFC Championship Games.

Raised in Massachusetts, Banner studied economics at Denison University. He spent a semester interning at WCAU 1210 AM radio in Philadelphia, where he would eventually be hired as a sports reporter and producer. He later left WCAU to open a chain of clothing stores and became a Co-Charman of the Board for a national non-profit called City Year-Greater Philadelphia chapter.

Banner got into football in 1994 when he was hired by Eagles owner Jeff Lurie. He rose through the ranks quickly and was promoted to Senior Vice President in 1996 and to Executive Vice President in 1997. Banner held that position until 2012 when he became the Strategic Advisor to Lurie.

In 2012, Banner joined an ownership group that was interested in buying the Cleveland Browns. In October of 2012, Banner was named the Browns CEO by owner Jimmy Haslam. He left the organization in the spring of 2014. In December of 2014, Banner joined the Atlanta Falcons as a consultant.


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