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Week 8 First-and-10: What You Missed Over a Wild Weekend of Football

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Ten wonderful, weird and wacky items from a wild weekend of football:

1st Down

Best NFL Halloween Arrivals

Happy Halloween all you ghouls. Here are some of the players in the most festive moods from Sunday.

Adam Thielen was feeling “IT”.


Eric “The Rock” Kendricks


Andre Dillard with the green fireballs. 


Christian Wilkins “sucks”.


Malcolm Rodriguez With a “Top” Fit.


C.J. Mosley ready to get in the Bane.


2nd Down

Belichick Moves to No. 2

While many had the Jets snapping their 12-game losing streak to the Patriots on Sunday, Bill Belichick had other plans. The Patriots pulled out the 22-17 victory, and Belichick moved another spot in the record books. With his 325th career win, Belichick has secured the second-most wins in NFL history, officially passing George Halas. 

3rd Down

Jared Allen Rides Into The Vikings Ring of Honor

Of Jared Allen’s 136.0 career sacks, 85.5 came in Minnesota. On Sunday, the Vikings honored Allen with his induction into the Ring of Honor. Allen rode in style onto the field.


4th Down

All Is Not Good in the Hood

Ole Miss needed a spark. The Rebels trailed 14-10 at half vs. Texas A&M. Lane Kiffin took matters into his own hands, er, hood. 

Rebels win 31-28. Coincidence? I think not. 


5th Down

Two Defenders, Three Touchdowns

The A.J. Brown trade has worked out rather well for the Eagles. The stud receiver continues to make big plays for the NFL's only undefeated team. Brown had three touchdowns in the first half vs. the Steelers on Sunday. Yes, three. But it was the two defenders on the ground that had the internet in tears.

As for the team that traded Brown away, the Titans: One touchdown receiving this season from their receivers. Ouch. 


6th Down

Hot Potato! 

Georgia's Brock Bowers likely dreamed of making huge touchdown grabs as a kid. He probably did not imagine one quite like this.

Always keep your eye on the ball. Georgia went on to defeat Florida, 42-20.


7th Down

PJ Walker’s Prayer Answered — Moore’s Mistake

Not many would claim the Panthers are better without Christian McCaffrey, but they sure are seeing (some) better results. With a few ticks left on the clock, and the Panthers down six to the Falcons, PJ Walker said his prayers …

In a wild turn, DJ Moore (see helmetless) would be called for unsportsmanlike conduct, resulting in a penalty and pushing the extra point back 15 yards. The result? A missed PAT. The result of the miss? The Panthers lost in overtime. 


8th Down

M-C or L-T?

Christian McCaffrey is clearly in the swing of things for the 49ers after a crazy game vs. the Rams.

First he passed it in ...

Then he caught one ...

Finally, he ran one in.

McCaffrey became the first player since 2005 to pass, run, and receive a TD in one game. The last player to do it was Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson. Oh, yeah, the 49ers also won their eighth straight against the Rams.


9th Down

Still an E-Z(eke) Choice for Jerry Jones

Tony Pollard did just about everything in his power on Sunday to prove to the Cowboys that he should be their lead back. With Ezekiel Elliott out with a knee injury, Pollard put up 131 yards rushing and three touchdowns on only 14 attempts. It took Pollard one start to have a three-touchdown game, something Elliott has never done in his career.

So are the Cowboys finally ready to make him their lead back?

A fantasy owner can only dream.


10th Down

Diggs Ready To Battle It Out Against Alexander

In another addition of #BeefingWithJaire, Stefon Diggs began the night by running out the tunnel with the Packers while screaming at Alexander …

Diggs was ready to talk the talk, and immediately went out and walked the walk.

The Bills defeated the Packers, 27-17, picking up their sixth win.