Denver’s ‘Disastrous’ Game Management Gives Seattle the Win

Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos had three consecutive drives to reach a goal-to-go situation. Those three possessions yielded a total of three points, in a game Denver lost by a single point. Driving with under a minute to play and all three timeouts, the Broncos let 30 seconds run off the clock before calling a timeout anyway, choosing to attempt a 64-yard field goal rather than let Wilson run a fourth down play.

Trey Wingo breaks down why the Broncos lost Monday night’s game more than the Seahawks won it. He highlights poor game management by rookie head coach Nathaniel Hackett, as compared to the decision-making by the veteran coach manning Seattle’s sideline, Pete Carroll.

“The reason the Seahawks won this game is that Denver couldn’t figure out how to manage game situations,” Wingo says.

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