Why Davante Adams Is the NFL’s Best Receiver

Davante Adams is probably the best receiver in all of football. He is a tremendous addition to the Las Vegas Raiders, and I got to have a conversation with Las Vegas coach Josh McDaniels about adding him to their offense.

What Makes Davante Adams so Good?

Adams is so consistent, on every single play. You know what you’re going to get with him. He’s big, strong, fast, quick and uses his hands very well at the line of scrimmage. The Vegas coaches talk about how he has a plan for every snap. He is as good as any receiver in the NFL at studying and analyzing his opponents.

Adams will break down the cornerback he is about to face. He knows their strengths, weaknesses, how to break down their press coverage and how to attack when they’re off him. He knows who they are in the red zone, whether they turn their backs and if they play a bail technique. Adams knows the moves he needs to set that corner up, whether he has to break inside or outside.

Adams Is a True Student of the Game

McDaniels said, of all the great players he’s been around, Adams may be the best listener. He is unbelievable in meetings, takes a bunch of notes and asks a bunch of questions, and studies the film. He wants to know why things are being done. Why they’re calling particular plays in these situations, and where he fits in the overall concept. What happens against two-deep coverage or if there’s a rotation his way, and what adjustments they need to make in that scenario.

He is such a great listener, and that goes a long way toward his success. Adams is a student of the game, and he is also willing to share that knowledge with the other receivers in that room in Las Vegas.

He Puts in the Work, Like the Great Ones

I’ve been around some great players, Hall of Famers like Cris Carter, Art Monk, Jerry Rice and Tim Brown. There’s one common theme with the great ones: They’re always the hardest-working and smartest players in that room.

When you discuss Adams, you talk to the coaches about how he’s out 30 minutes before practice, and how he stays late on the JUGS machine or works with the defensive backs and second-and third-string quarterbacks. He leaves no stone unturned, working every practice, taking every rep, doing the extra work. Adams is going to be an excellent addition to the Las Vegas Raiders.

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