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Streaming Kickers and D/STs for Week 7

week 7 streaming
week 7 streaming

If Week 6 was any indication, then this may be the place to find top streaming kickers and defenses in Week 7. *knocks on wood*

Three of my four recommended kickers were top-8 kickers and scored 10+ points. And three of the four D/STs were in the top 12 and scored 8+ points. (Let’s forget Cairo Santos and the Jaguars, please.)

As the season grows on, it gets easier to predict good streaming options since fantasy points for kickers and D/STs get relatively sticky. 

Sometimes it’s simply which option scores the most points and which opponent allows the most points. Obviously, there are other factors, as listed below.

Other Traits to Look For Streaming Kickers

  • Potentially high-scoring matchups
  • Teams with good, but not great, redzone efficiency
  • Domes/good weather

Other Traits to Look For Streaming D/STs

  • Potentially low-scoring matchups
  • Slow-paced offenses
  • Turnover-prone quarterbacks
  • Bad weather

As a reminder, eligible kickers and defenses for this column must not be rostered in more than 50% of leagues, per FantasyPros’ rostership data. Following these guidelines doesn’t hurt, either.

Top Streaming Kickers in Week 7

Greg Zuerlein at Denver

  • Rostered in 5.1% of leagues
  • Zuerlein is the ninth-highest-scoring kicker in fantasy.
  • He’s scored 8+ fantasy points in four of the six games this season.
  • The Jets are tied for the second-most points scored over the last three games.
  • The Broncos have given up the third-most fantasy points to kickers.
  • That includes three straight games of 13+ points, each with 4+ field goals made.
  • Kicking gets a power boost in Denver’s altitude.

Will Lutz at Arizona

  • Rostered in 10.2% of leagues
  • Lutz has scored 25 total fantasy points over the last two weeks.
  • That includes 14 points against Cincinnati in Week 6.
  • The Saints have scored the third-most points over the last three games.
  • The Cardinals have given up the seventh-most fantasy points to kickers.
  • They’ve allowed fewer than 9 points to kickers just once.
  • Arizona has also allowed the ninth-most points to teams this season, though they’re in the bottom ten of that metric over the last three games.
  • The Cardinals play inside, which is more a bonus than anything.

Jason Myers at Los Angeles Chargers

  • Rostered in 24.3% of leagues
  • No kicker has scored more fantasy points than Myers over the last four weeks.
  • He’s scored 10+ points in each game over that span.
  • Seattle has scored the third-most road points per game.
  • The Chargers have given up the tenth-most fantasy points to kickers this season.
  • That includes five games of over 9+ fantasy points allowed.
  • Los Angeles has also allowed the sixth-most points per game this season, though that number has dipped a few spots over the last three games.
  • The Chargers also play in a dome.



Top Streaming D/STs in Week 7

Patriots D/ST vs. Chicago

  • Rostered in 44% of leagues
  • Patriots D/ST has the fifth-most fantasy points.
  • That includes 13+ points in each of the last two games.
  • New England has recorded 2+ takeaways in every game after Week 1.
  • They’ve also had 2+ sacks in every game but Week 4.
  • And they’re tied for the seventh-fewest points allowed this season.
  • The Bears have allowed the third-most fantasy points to opposing D/STs.
  • That includes three games of 10+ points for their opponents.
  • Only the Broncos have scored fewer points per game than the Bears this season.

Jets D/ST at Denver

  • Rostered in 2.6% of leagues
  • Jets D/ST has the fifth-most fantasy points.
  • Jets D/ST scored 11+ fantasy points in each of the last three weeks.
  • They’ve also scored a total of 42 fantasy points in that time.
  • New York just held Green Bay to 10 points… at Lambeau Field.
  • The Jets are red-hot and the Broncos are not.
  • The Broncos have scored the fewest points per game this season.
  • Russell Wilson is banged up.
  • His backup is Brett Rypien.

Dolphins D/ST vs. Pittsburgh

  • Rostered in 21.4% of leagues
  • Dolphins D/ST has not been good in fantasy.
  • A year after finishing 4th in total fantasy points, they currently sit at 27th.
  • Although, they have faced the Ravens, Bills, Bengals and red-hot Jets.
  • Miami D/ST scored 19 fantasy points in Week 1 against New England.
  • The Steelers have allowed the seventh-most fantasy points to opposing D/STs.
  • Their offense did just hold the Buccaneers D/ST to four points.
  • Yet D/STs still scored 10+ pts against Pittsburgh from Week 2-5.
  • Kenny Pickett is concussed and, as of Wednesday, may not play.
  • Excluding an abysmal Week 4 that led to his benching, Mitchell Trubisky is averaging just over 12 fantasy points per game.
  • That’s the best stat I could think of to show how bad Trubisky has been.
  • Pittsburgh’s offense has scored the third-fewest points per game.
  • The Dolphins could also be motivated with Tua Tagovailoa slated to return to the starting lineup at home on Sunday Night Football.
  • They may be extra motivated in facing their former head coach Brian Flores, who’s an assistant on Mike Tomlin’s staff.


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