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NFL Team Building 101: How the Eagles Built a Super Bowl Roster

The Philadelphia Eagles have constructed a roster that has kept them toward the top of the NFL landscape for the past few seasons. How did they do that? Who better to ask than former Eagles executive Joe Banner?

Banner sat down with Steve Palazzolo and Sam Monson from PFF to discuss how the Eagles' roster-building strategy became the well-oiled machine it is today. The trio discusses how the team developed its process, bounced back from mistakes and what the future might hold for the defended NFC champions.

Eagles Team-Building Process


Banner details how the Eagles' built their roster with three key pillars in mind: finding an elite quarterback, building the offensive line and developing pass rushers on the defensive line. Obviously, Jalen Hurts checks the first box, and the team has drafted two Georgia defensive linemen in the first round the past two seasons, Jalen Carter and Jordan Davis.

However, Banner believes the Eagles' offensive line is a little weaker than it has been in recent seasons.

Admitting Mistakes

Every general manager makes team-building mistakes. However, if they can admit them early, there's a chance to correct them. Banner believes Howie Roseman and the Eagles do an excellent job admitting their mistakes.

The team's willingness to move on from Carson Wentz not long after giving him a second contract allowed them to promote Hurts and get back to the Super Bowl last season. The Eagles can make those moves because they plan ahead so well.

Palazzolo brings up the Eagles trade with the New Orleans Saints before the 2021 NFL Draft, which ended with the Eagles acquiring a 2022 first-round pick. Banner explains that was done because the Eagles aim always to get a future first-rounder if possible.

The Future

Because the Eagles roster is so talented, they've got a few important contract decisions coming up. Banner says the team is in a good spot because Hurts' cap hit doesn't get too expensive for a few years.

He believes the team will prioritize signing any high-end offensive and defensive lineman to new contracts and could draft another receiver to replace one of A.J. Brown or DeVonta Smith.

Joe Banner is a former front office executive for the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns. He was a part of an Eagles franchise that made a Super Bowl and played in four NFC Championship Games. Follow him on Twitter (X) at @JoeBanner13.