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Justin Jefferson is a Special Player

two-thousand-yard receiver

Justin Jefferson is a special football player.

We evaluated him when I was in Minnesota. Our offensive coordinator, Gary Kubiak, was a big fan, and I give a lot of credit to both the coaching staff and scouting staff. When we watched Jefferson, he played on the outside his sophomore season but played predominately in the slot his junior season. What stood out were his natural feel and instincts for the position—along with being so natural in catching the football.

The thing that impressed me on tape was that he was a good route runner coming out of LSU. When you watched him against the Green Bay Packers, the separation he got from the defensive backs was incredible. Jefferson is a naturally gifted athlete and he can go up and grab the ball with the best of them.

One thing I've always noticed throughout my career is guys that who become great players have that extra attitude, work ethic and want to be great. One of the guys we drafted in my first year in Minnesota was Adrian Peterson, who I believe is a Hall of Fame-caliber running back. He was naturally gifted but he worked so hard to go from good to great, and I see a lot of those same traits in Jefferson.

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