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Where Could Odell Beckham Jr Land?

Odell Beckham Jr

As the season wears on and the hunt for the playoffs sets in, teams begin searching for that key, integral player that helps them make the final push into the Super Bowl. Given his late timeline to return to action, Odell Beckham Jr could be that key piece that many teams are searching for, much like he was for the Los Angeles Rams last season.

Speaking to many people around the league about him, I think there are only three teams left that make the most sense for him right now.

Los Angeles Rams

At the end of last season, Beckham was playing some fantastic football with the Rams. I mean, he might have been the Super Bowl MVP if he hadn’t gotten hurt. He had great chemistry with quarterback Matthew Stafford. He knows McVay’s offense, and he likes the culture there by all accounts. The Rams want him back and haven’t made that a secret either. He was happy there, and we all saw that. When Beckham is happy, he’s one of the best receivers in football. It’s hard not to be excited about a receiver group of Odell Beckham Jr, Cooper Kupp and Allen Robinson.

Green Bay Packers

There’s been some speculation about the Packers as a potential landing spot for Beckham, and it makes sense. They run a pretty similar offense to the Rams, so it would be a good scheme fit for him. The Packers, with no Davante Adams left, have a clear need for a veteran playmaker at receiver. The ultimate positive for Beckham is he would get to play with the back-to-back MVP in Aaron Rodgers and would be the No. 1 as soon as he’s healthy.

Dallas Cowboys

A team that doesn’t get named much in the OBJ sweepstakes, the Dallas Cowboys stand out as a team in need of a player like Beckham. The Cowboys are pretty thin at receiver, outside of CeeDee Lamb, while they are waiting on the return of Michael Gallup. With Dak Prescott at quarterback, they’re going to be in the playoff hunt all season long, and adding Beckham to that offense would certainly help put them there. Kellen Moore runs a pretty pass-oriented system in Dallas, and it’s been one of the best statistical offenses in the NFL. It depends on how much Dallas likes their younger guys, but adding Beckham would give them a prime playmaker to replace Amari Cooper.