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Coordinator’s Corner: Cooper Kupp’s Bunch TD vs NYG

...Cooper Kupp’s Bunch TD...Raiders Play Design...Situational Play Calling 101

In the formation, Matthew Stafford has a bunch to the right with Van Jefferson inside at the point and Cooper Kupp inside. You can see what’s going with the Giants’ defense as the corner comes over to cover Jefferson at the point. He’s pointing at Jefferson to tell the guys around him that regardless of his release, he’s got him man-to-man. Then you look at the defensive look over the bunch, and you can see the #1 defender outside is staggered up in front of the goal line, and the #3 defender over the bunch is staggered into the end zone. The reason why they are staggered is that if there’s any motion, they can stay locked onto their receiver and not get in the way of another defender. 

You see this happen as Stafford brings Woods across the formation and the outside corner travels with him, which leaves the point player and the inside defender covering man-to-man.

The receivers have to be staggered as well because they’re locked on. The point player is covering the point receiver, Jefferson, on the line of scrimmage, and the #2  defender is covering the inside player Kupp. This is a well designed play by Sean McVay because Stafford makes the fake to Woods, the point player releases outside, the #2 defender over Kupp has to cover him and just by an outside release, Jefferson creates the rub on the inside defender and allows for an easy completion to Kupp on the 7th step.

Cooper Kupp’s Bunch TD

Cooper Kupp’s Bunch TD

The #1 and #2 defenders are staggered because they’re locked on man-to-man. If  they were level, they would’ve played this in and out and the outside defender  would’ve covered Kupp into the flat. But because the defense decides to lock it,  the outside defender has to travel with Woods. The two defenders that are left have cover their adjacent players man-to-man, with the point player covering  Jefferson. On the double outside releases, Jefferson uses his defender to rub the guy covering Kupp, which creates and easy touchdown on the sprint out pass. Tremendously done scheme-wise and well executed by the Rams.