Inside the Numbers: Why Teams Lost in Week 6

Why Teams Lost in Week 6

Yesterday, The 33rd Team discussed five winners from Week 6 and what led to each victory. Today, we will be focusing on the other side, analyzing a few of this week’s losers and where they went wrong.

Las Vegas Raiders 34 – Denver Broncos 24

Broncos Key Stat: 4 Turnovers : 0 Takeaways

The Broncos really dug themselves a tremendous hole with turnovers in this game, as teams that lose the turnover margin by 4 lose the game 94.16% of the time according to Stathead. In a game where the Broncos defense struggled heavily with the Raiders vertical passing game, turning the ball over destroyed any chance the Broncos had of winning a crucial game for them. Teddy Bridgewater, a QB usually known to be safe with the ball, had three interceptions in this one and will need to cut down on them going forward.

Los Angeles Rams 38 – New York Giants 11

Giants Key Stat: -0.337 EPA per Passing Play

The Giants had one of the worst passing performances of the season this past week, finishing with the 18th worst EPA per passing play of the 2021 season. After taking a 3-0 lead in the first quarter, the Giants allowed 38 unanswered points, in large part because of their passing struggles. QB Daniel Jones was playing through injury and they were missing their starting RB and many of their key receivers which was very obvious in their performance on the field.

Green Bay Packers 24 – Chicago Bears 14

Bears Key Stat: 0.364 EPA per Passing Play Allowed

The Bears struggled to slow down Aaron Rodgers in this game, as he was very efficient with his 23 throws, completing 17 of them for 195 yards and 2 TDs. In what was a relatively modest performance by his standards, Rodgers spread the ball around and put up more than enough points to beat a struggling Bears offense. It’s tough to argue with Rodgers’ claim that he “owns” the Bears when he’s constantly putting up performances like this one.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 28 – Philadelphia Eagles 22

Eagles Key Stat: 13 First Downs For : 25 First Downs Allowed

The Eagles allowed the Buccaneers to dominate the ball in this game, accumulating almost 40 minutes of possession and this was largely because the Bucs sustained drives while the Eagles did not. Out of Philadelphia’s 10 drives, six of them consisted of just three offensive plays before either a punt or turnover, including 5 consecutive drives to end the first half. This left the defense incredibly fatigued behind 14 points at halftime, a deficit they were ultimately unable to overcome.

Baltimore Ravens 34 – Los Angeles Chargers 6

Dolphins Key Stat: -0.409 EPA per Offensive play

The Chargers dynamic offense had their first game with negative EPA per offensive play of the season, and it was a terrible offensive performance. Everything seemed to go wrong, as they only converted 25% of their third and fourth downs, were inefficient in the passing game, and had no rushing game whatsoever. Overall, the Chargers offense looked like a shell of itself in this game and with an already struggling run-defense, it left them with no way of winning this game.

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