What Is The 33rd Team?

In addition to the content you can find here at, our members get together every Wednesday afternoon for a Zoom call to discuss football news of the day and learn from some of the best minds in the business.

“The 33rd Team is a consortium of selfless, experienced people that have worked in the NFL, working with young, smart people … who have dreams of their own,” said former NFL exec Mike Tannenbaum, founder of The 33rd Team. “It’s a combination of those two things where the magic happens every week. We all learn and get better. And hopefully one day these younger people will have their own dreams and stories to share.”

Peter King wrote about The 33rd Team in his Football Morning in America column this week, noting that the weekly calls feature former coaches (Dan Quinn, Marc Trestman, Wade Phillips, Eric Mangini) and execs (Tannenbaum, Joe Banner, Terry Bradway, Tom Lewand, Ray Farmer).

“Every single time we get on here I’m blown away by the passion and the love of football that we see from different people,” said Quinn, the former Falcons head coach who has been a weekly participant on the call. “It’s been awesome.”

In addition to the short write-up, King’s mention also included this video that shows what The 33rd Team’s weekly call is all about:

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