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Revisiting the Big Play Index

The 33rd Team introduced the Big Play Index last season to show how NFL teams stack up in terms of big plays produced and big plays allowed.

The Big Play Index has a new and improved outlook with the help of Marc Trestman. In speaking with Coach Trestman, when he coached in the NFL, his definition of a “Big Play” was a run of 10-plus yards and/or a pass of 16-plus yards. Ultimately, the BPI correlates the ability to create explosive plays, while also limiting the opponent, and the success of the team (based on wins).

When adjusting the numbers, the Chiefs and Rams tied for first in the Big Play Index last season.

The final Big Play Index for 2020 a direct correlation to winning. The top five in the Big Play Index had a combines record of 53-27, and eight of the top 10 made the playoffs. The bottom five in the index had a combined record of 29-50-1.

Big Play Index


Big Play Index

For historical reference, here’s a look at the Big Play Index rankings since 2010:

Big Play Index

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