Insiders Network: Best Way For Agents to Build Relationships with Execs?

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The 33rd Team’s Insiders Network is a group of former NFL coaches and front-office executives who are here to provide insight and perspective into all things football. Each week during the season, we reach out to members of our Insiders Network to get their thoughts on a topical question. Here is this week’s question: 

What is the most important thing an agent needs to do in order to build a good relationship with a coach, scout, or executive?

Joe Banner:

The two keys, for me at least, are having an open discussion, and the agent having a realistic sense of his player’s value.

Wade Phillips:

It’s about honesty and having trust in the agent’s word.

Tom Lewand:

The best relationships built between agents and executives are those based on candor, with at least a degree of humility.

Mike Tannenbaum:

In order for an agent to build good relationships, it is all about honesty and transparency. That’s how you build credibility.

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