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Brandon Coleman 2024 NFL Draft: Combine Results, Scouting Report For Washington Commanders OL

Texas Christian Horned Frogs offensive tackle Brandon Coleman
Texas Christian Horned Frogs offensive tackle Brandon Coleman (77) blocks Texas Tech Red Raiders defensive tackle Jaylon Hutchings (95) in the first half at Jones AT&T Stadium and Cody Campbell Field. (Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports)

The 2024 NFL Draft is getting close, making it an excellent time to highlight some of the class' best players with scouting reports. Each report will include strengths, weaknesses and background information. 

Here's our report on Brandon Coleman.

Brandon Coleman's 2024 NFL Combine Results

  • Height: 6-foot-4 1/2"
  • Weight: 313
  • Arm length: 34 5/8"
  • 40-yard dash: 4.99
  • 10-yard split: 1.73
  • Vertical jump: 34"

Brandon Coleman 2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report


  • Thick frame and build, excellent overall length and long arms. Fluid mover for his size with heavy hands.
  • Comfortable kick slide with good balance and a strong base to get to his spot using firm strikes to gain control.
  • Deployed independent arm technique in pass protection to gain early control of the rep to seal the edge when playing left tackle.
  • Strong swipe move was a significant part of his hand usage to remove pass rushers' hands and get them off balance.
  • Showed he could re-set his hands when pass rushers tried to swipe or chop his outside hand and stayed balanced.
  • Showed more than functional range to play left tackle with an efficient kick slide that maximized his size and length.
  • Played with excellent awareness and accelerated vision to recognize and react easily to stunts and pressures.
  • Active hands in pass protection often establishing first contact with quick strikes, re-setting through reps.  
  • At left guard, showed strong pass protection traits with a powerful base, grip strength, mirror and re-direct.
  • Strong grip and powerful lower body allowed for effectively dealing with quick, explosive interior bull rush when playing left guard.
  • Strong run blocker both at the point of attack, at times creating immediate displacement and climbing to the second level.
  • Climbed to the second level with excellent body control and balance using his big body and reach to control linebackers.  
  • Naturally strong and powerful. Used that power effectively as a run blocker running his feet through contact.


  • With thick stockier build and frame, he does not quite possess the kind of lateral flexibility you’d ideally want at left tackle.
  • Re-direct in pass protection is an issue at times, especially at left tackle. Did not show needed lateral flexibility-quickness.
  • On pass protection snaps, rusher timed independent strike with their outside arm, then beat him with quick inside counters.
  • At times when playing left tackle he had issues with wide-9 speed-to-power, getting initially jarred and ending up susceptible to inside counters.
  • On pass protection snaps at left tackle he was beaten across his face when over-set and responding to immediate edge challenges.
  • Dropped head in pass protection at times, trying to be aggressive. Resulted in balance and body control issues.
  • May lack lateral range to transition to the next level at left tackle. Not fluid in his vertical-set kick slide to seal the arc.

NFL Transition

Coleman is one of the better overall OL prospects in the 2024 draft with his versatility to transition to the next level at either OT or LG depending on team and scheme.

Coleman is naturally strong, possessing a desirable combination of length and strength with almost 35-inch arms. He had a powerful grip that more often than not controlled edge pass rushers when he was at left tackle and interior pass rushers when he was at left guard. At left tackle, Coleman consistently played with precision executing the independent arm technique to control pass rushers early in the rep. This allowed him to compensate for his lack of ideal hip and core flexibility and desired lateral range.

As a run blocker, Coleman possesses all the needed physical tools you need. He shows a desirable combination of point-of-attack power — to displace defensive linemen — and more than functional movement to climb effectively to the second level. His balance and body control helps him keep his feet moving on contact.

There are technique issues Coleman needs to clean up, especially in pass protection. But some of those issues can be mitigated with a switch to the guard position. That is where Coleman would best project and transition to the NFL with his size, length, natural power and functional athleticism maximized. I believe he would have a chance to start there relatively early in his career

Other Notes

Coleman started 34 games in his final three seasons at TCU. He predominantly played left tackle in his final two seasons but also had four starts at left guard in 2023 and seven starts at left guard in 2021.