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2023 Senior Bowl: Stock Up, Stock Down at Day 2 Practices

MOBILE, Ala. — Rick Spielman and Mike Tannenbaum are at the Senior Bowl this week watching draft prospects take part in practices. Here are six players the two former NFL team executives thought improved their stock on Day 2, and six others whose stock took a hit:

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Stock Up

Max Duggan, QB, TCU

Height Weight Hand Arm Wing
6010 204 9 7/8" 30 3/8" 73 3/4"

Duggan got off to a slow start but played better, particularly in the two-minute drill. He showed good accuracy, anticipation and ball placement. I thought he got better throughout the practice. — MT

Marte Mapu, LB, Sacramento State

Height Weight Hand Arm Wing
6025 217 9 3/8" 33 3/8" 80"

I have to go back and watch more video on Mapu, who was a standout at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl last week and a late add-on to the Senior Bowl roster. But watching him move around, he's very athletic. The other thing that stood out to me was his effort in chasing guys down the field. He's running 30 yards down the field and trying to punch the ball out. Small-school guys like this usually have a chip on their shoulder, and when they show up here, they look like they belong. Mapu certainly has this week. — RS

Darius Rush, CB, South Carolina

Height Weight Hand Arm Wing
6015 196 9 1/2" 32 3/4" 79 3/4"

A long corner, Rush did an excellent job on Wednesday in one-on-ones. He has an uncanny ability to read and react to the routes the receivers are running. He got his hands on numerous passes on the first two practice days. — RS

O'Cyrus Torrence, OG, Florida

Height Weight Hand Arm Wing
6047 337 11 1/4" 33 7/8" 84"

Torrence is a big, thick human who was 6-foot-1 and 400 pounds in the eighth grade before he had a growth spurt. At the weigh-in on Monday, he had the largest hands of all the offensive linemen and the third-longest wingspan. He's great in the run game and stout in pass protection. Once he puts his hands on you, he can anchor and hold the point. I thought he had a good day on Wednesday, especially in one-on-ones in pass-pro. — RS

Tyjae Spears, RB, Tulane

Height Weight Hand Arm Wing
5095 204 10" 30 5/8" 74"

Spears is a fast and explosive player who really stood out to me. His speed was very noticeable, and he had a couple of nice runs. — MT

Darnell Wright, OT, Tennessee

Height Weight Hand Arm Wing
6051 342 8 1/2" 34 1/8" 82 3/8"

Wright had 42 career starts with the Volunteers at three different positions along the line (RT, LT, G). I loved his length, and I thought he did well in the one-on-ones. He looked and played like a first-round tackle. — MT

Stock Down

Tyson Bagent, QB, Shephard

Height Weight Hand Arm Wing
6026 213 9 1/2" 30 3/8" 75 3/8"

I was expecting more from the Division II quarterback who holds the record for most touchdown passes (159) across all divisions in college football. I thought his arm strength did not look very good. — MT

Andre Carter II, LB, Army

Height Weight Hand Arm Wing
6062 252 9 5/8" 34" 82 1/8"

Carter, who has been consistently going in the first round of The 33rd Team mock drafts, looked like a solid athlete, but I thought he lacked strength. He was not as strong as I expected him to be. — MT

Yaya Diaby, Edge, Louisville

Height Weight Hand Arm Wing
6032 264 10 3/8" 34" 81 1/4"

Diaby, an under-recruited player who began his college career at the junior college level, didn't help himself with his practice on Wednesday. I was expecting more explosiveness. I didn't see the quick twitch or any exceptional traits. — MT

Jaelyn Duncan, OT, Maryland

Height Weight Hand Arm Wing
6054 298 9 3/8" 33 1/2" 80 5/8"

The National Team coaches moved him from the left side to the right, and he didn't look natural over there. He almost looked like he was thinking too much, instead of just playing football. He really struggled at right tackle. You would hope a guy with that much ability shows enough versatility to play on both sides of the line. — RS

DeMarco Hellams, S, Alabama

Height Weight Hand Arm Wing
6005 213 8 3/8" 31 1/2" 74 1/2"

Hellams is best when he's close to the line of scrimmage. I thought he struggled in one-on-ones, similar to what you see on video vs. Tennessee. Once he gets on those speed receivers, he doesn't have a chance; he's going to lose a foot race every time. — RS

Luke Musgrave, TE, Oregon State

Height Weight Hand Arm Wing
6054 255 10 1/2" 32 5/8" 79 3/4"

Everybody's buying Musgrave as one of the top tight ends in this draft. I understand he hasn't played football in a long time because of the knee injury that limited him to two games in 2022, but he had some drops, and then all of a sudden during the team period he started rallying. The first day and a half he seemed like he was trying to get his feet back underneath him. You see why people like him because of his size and speed, and he actually started catching the ball a lot better in the second half of Wednesday's practice. I'll be interested to see how he does on Thursday. — RS

Rick Spielman is a former general manager of the Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings, and winner of the NFL Executive of the Year award by Pro Football Weekly in 2017. Follow him on Twitter @spielman_rick.

Mike Tannenbaum is a former front-office executive for the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins. Follow him on Twitter at @RealTannenbaum.