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2023 NFL Combine: 7 Bold Predictions for This Year's Scouting Event

The NFL’s Scouting Combine begins on Feb. 27 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, with the first day of on-field drills beginning on March 2 and running through March 6. This is the third in a series of predictions from The 33rd Team's Scouting Department leading into the event.

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Every year, there's a surprise or two that emerges from the NFL Combine. This year is sure to be no different. With that in mind, we asked three of our former NFL general managers and four members of our scouting team to give us their boldest predictions — with a realistic chance of happening — for this year's combine. 

The 33rd Team Scouts

Bold Combine Predictions

Diamond: Richardson Leaps Up Draft Boards

"Florida QB Anthony Richardson (scouting report) will elevate and solidify his top-10 pick status after a combine in which he tests extremely well in all the measurables — height, weight, speed, and athleticism — and he will be more accurate than expected in passing drills after extensive pre-combine work. At 6-foot-4, 232 pounds, Richardson’s size and arm strength have been compared to Cam Newton and Josh Allen. The knock on Richardson — similar to Allen pre-draft — is his lack of accuracy (53.8 percent last season for Richardson; Allen was at 56.3 percent during his last season at Wyoming but improved to 69.2 percent by his third NFL season). Another knock on Richardson is that he was a one-year starter in college, which was a concern that wound up being valid with Mitchell Trubisky pre-draft in 2017 before he was infamously picked second overall, ahead of Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson."

Spielman: Hyatt Runs Fastest 40

"Tennessee WR Jalin Hyatt (scouting report) will run the combine's fastest 40-yard dash time. When you watch him on tape, you see his unique burst off the line of scrimmage and a second gear to run by defensive backs as they come out of their turn. Hyatt has been running past future NFL players in the SEC. That should all equate to the fastest 40 time."

Tannenbaum: Young Solves Weight Issue

"Bryce Young (scouting report) will weigh at least 200 pounds and look bigger and stronger than anticipated. While his tape is undeniable, there are questions about Young’s size. His pre-draft preparation will go a long way to minimizing those concerns."

Oregon State tight end Luke Musgrave

McCreight: Musgrave Runs Under 4.5

"I would not be shocked if Oregon State tight end Luke Musgrave (scouting report) ran a sub-4.50 40. The more I watch Musgrave, the more I am convinced of how fast he is. When you watch him on film, you can see that he has an extra gear, and he is a very fluid and nimble player. He pulls away from linebackers as well as fast defensive backs in the Pac-12. I also see a player that gets off the ball quickly, which could be an indication of him getting out of the blocks fast. When Stanford tight end Coby Fleener was in the 2012 draft, everyone knew he was really fast, and he ran in the 4.49-4.50 range during his pre-draft workouts. When I watch Musgrave, I see a player who is more explosive and faster than Fleener was in college. At the Senior Bowl in January, Musgrave hit 20.05 mph max speed — the 16th-fastest time among all players — at 255 pounds. For his size, running faster than 20 mph is rare."

Casey: Richardson Sets Combine QB Record

"Richardson will run a sub-4.5 40, becoming the first quarterback weighing more than 230 pounds to do so at the combine. Only seven quarterbacks, at any weight, have run that fast since 1987. The media will be buzzing about his athletic performance, but the most important part of his week will be behind closed doors when NFL decision-makers will get their first chance to get to know him one-on-one. Those first impressions will go a long way in determining if he ends up being a top-10 pick."

Cohn: Bryce Young, QB, Alabama

"Young will weigh in at or over 200 pounds. This is an important benchmark for Young to hit. There have been very few successful NFL quarterbacks that have weighed less than 200 pounds. Young is not a prototypical-sized quarterback, and teams do not want to build rosters full of a bunch of exceptions. We already know Young will measure below 6 feet. If he can get to 200 or more for his weigh-in, that will go a long way toward alleviating some concerns teams will have about his size."

Pritt: Mitchell Runs Fastest RB 40

"Running back Keaton Mitchell of East Carolina, a name few know of, will run the fastest 40 among running backs at the combine and one of the fastest among all participants. This past season, for the Pirates, he reached a blazing 22.6 mph on a long touchdown run. When you pop on his film, you see how fast he truly is. He’s a home-run hitter who can tap into another gear and outrace defenders with ease. Look for his stock to rise when he lights it up in Indy."