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DraftKings Promo Code: Bet $5, Get $200 on NFL Championship Games

The NFC Championship and AFC Championship Games are upon us, with two exciting matchups in the pipeline. First up are the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers, who will battle it out for the NFC Championship Game. Then, in a repeat of the AFC Championship Game 2022, the Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals will do battle once more, in the hope of making it to Arizona, for Super Bowl LVII.

These games should both be hotly contested, and it will be tough to pick a winner in both the AFC Championship Game and the NFC Championship Game. The good news is, with this DraftKings promo code, you can lock in an instant $200 bonus when you sign-up and bet $5 for the first time, on either of these games. That locks in a 40-1 win on the Eagles or the 49ers, the Chiefs or the Bengals, making the NFL Championship Games all the more exciting.


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Unlike last week, where both the Chiefs and the Eagles were considered strong favorites, and it seemed very easy to predict, these two matchups look a lot trickier to decipher. The Chiefs may struggle against a Bengals team that has had their number in recent years, including in this same AFC Championship Game 12 months ago. Mahomes’ injury is proving cause for concern, and without him at 100%, it could be a long night for Andy Reid’s men. Boost the Chiefs or the Bengals to 40-1 and guarantee your $200 bonus, though, no matter what happens, with this DraftKings promo code.

There is also a superstar injury dominating the headlines in the Eagles vs 49ers matchup, as 49ers’ Running Back, Christian McCaffrey has missed multiple practices this week, with a calf injury. Will this be the difference between two teams that look very equally matched? If you are stuck on who to pick in this one, just make sure you first claim the DraftKings promo code, and you will bet $5, get $200 guaranteed on the Eagles or the 49ers, no matter what.

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Philadelphia Eagles vs San Francisco 49ers Preview - Bet $5, Get $200 With the DraftKings Promo Code

The Eagles have looked unstoppable at times, and that was the case last week, when they ran all over the New York Giants, limiting what needed to be done in the passing game. The 49ers will likely put up more of a fight against Kenneth Gainwell, Miles Sanders, and Boston Scott, but can they stop Jalen Hurts when he targets A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith through the air? The Eagles have home-field advantage, and the potential injury to Christian McCaffrey working in their favor, so will they go on to win this one? If you think so, bet $5 on the Eagles after claiming this DraftKings promo code, and $200 will hit your account no matter what.

It is fair to say the Eagles are fresher, they have little to worry about in terms of injuries, and with their first-round bye, they have only had to play the New York Giants, who they in the end beat with ease. The 49ers on the other hand have had to beat the Seahawks and the Cowboys to either make it this far, and there is the potential that McCaffrey is a casualty of that extra work. If McCaffrey is fit and playing close to 100%, that is a huge boost for a 49ers offense that already boasts Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk and George Kittle, but can Brock Purdy orchestrate another win, in this magical run of wins for the Rookie Quarterback? 

Chances are, Mr. Irrelevant’s run comes to an end here, no matter how well he has played in the lead-up, so expect the Eagles to win this one at home, but expect the 49ers to give it all they have. Bet $5, and get $200 on either team now, with this DraftKings promo code.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles -2.5 (-115)

Kansas City Chiefs vs Cincinnati Bengals Preview - Bet $5, Get $200 With the DraftKings Promo Code

The Kansas City Chiefs are the favorite once more, after early bets in the week led to the Cincinnati Bengals edging favoritism, as a lack of details emerged about the seriousness of Mahomes’ injury. There seems to be an element of calmness surrounding Mahomes again, which suggests the home team can go on to win, but will the Bengals repeat their victory from the AFC Championship Game last year? Bet $5, and get $200 on either team now, with the DraftKings promo code.

Mahomes will need to be at his brilliant best on Sunday to halt this Cincinnati Bengals team, as the Bengals have won 4 of the last 5 meetings between the two teams, including crucially in this same matchup last year. If Mahomes is fit, they have a chance to progress from the AFC Championship Game, but if that ankle continues to bother him, Joe Burrow and the Bengals will be in a prime position to succeed here. Boost either team to 40-1 now, and guarantee a win, with this DraftKings promo code.

The Patrick Mahomes-Travis Kelce connection was in action again last week, as Kelce caught another touchdown from his quarterback, and one more from backup Chad Henne later in the game. Kelce will be instrumental to the Chiefs' chances here, but can the Bengals find a way to stop him?

As important as Kelce is to Mahomes, Ja’Marr Chase is just as vital for Joe Burrow, and if they two can get on the same page early and often in this one, the Bengals have a great shot at making it to the Super Bowl for the second year in a row. Boost the Bengals to 40-1 to win this game, with this DraftKings promo code, and even if they go on to lose, your $200 bonus bets will pay out instantly. 

Even if Burrow struggles to find the trio of Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd, the Bengals rushed for 172 yards over the Bills last week, so they can find another way to win.

Take the Bengals on the Moneyline here, knowing they can win if Mahomes is fully fit, and if he is not, become the favorites for sure.

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals Moneyline (-105)