Coaches Room: Ravens’ John Harbaugh Goes 1-on-1 with Chuck Pagano

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh talks with his former defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano about Lamar Jackson, new offensive coordinator Todd Monken, the team’s 2023 rookie class and how LB Roquan Smith is the perfect Raven.

If you want to watch a specific part of this interview, time codes for the topics covered will be provided below.

Harbaugh’s Office Space, Facilities

Time: 0:55 – 3:10

Harbaugh talks about how much his office space has stayed the same at the Ravens’ facility besides a new couch and having 37 coaches on staff.

Lamar Jackson

Time: 3:15 – 10:13

Harbaugh covers whether he ever doubted Jackson would re-sign with the Ravens this summer and if the Ravens had a contingency plan for Jackson leaving. Pagano describes how he would defend Jackson as a defensive coordinator.

Hiring a New Offensive Coordinator

Time: 10:13 – 17:31

The two coaches discuss the Ravens moving on from offensive coordinator Greg Roman and what the new offense will look like under new coordinator Todd Monken. Why did the Ravens and Roman part ways? What were the Ravens looking for in a new offensive coordinator?

Offseason Additions, 2023 Expectations

Time: 17:35 – 20:57

What will the additions of wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and first-round pick Zay Flowers mean to Baltimore’s offense? What are the team’s expectations heading into the 2023 season?

First Impression of 2023 Rookies

Time: 21:00 – 24:47

Harbaugh touches on which young players have stood during OTAs so far. He compares one of the Ravens’ newest players to Ravens legend Terrell Suggs.

Extending Roquan Smith

Time: 29:26 – 32:50

The Ravens acquired Smith at the trade deadline last season. Harbaugh covers why the team decided to give the linebacker a record-breaking extension so quickly.

What Makes Justin Tucker Special?

Time: 32:55 – 34:45

Justin Tucker is often regarded as one of the best kickers in the NFL. What’s his secret, and what makes him so effective year after year?

Examining the Ravens’ 2023 Schedule

Time: 35:11 – 38:30

Harbaugh talks about how the Ravens’ schedule will affect their season. Does he feel like Baltimore’s schedule gives them an edge in a competitive AFC North?

Biggest Challenges

Time: 38:50 – 44:45

Harbaugh has won a Super Bowl and led the Ravens to the playoffs 10 times. However, that success hasn’t come without its challenges.


Time: 45:11 – End

To wrap things up, the two coaches talk about some of their favorite stories. How did Harbaugh get his NFL start, and why did Pagano want to fight Harbaugh at one point?

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