What Can the 49ers Do With Jimmy Garoppolo?

Jimmy Garoppolo Trade

The San Francisco 49ers are at a standstill when it comes to Jimmy Garoppolo. They have gone all in on second-year quarterback Trey Lance but have yet to make a move regarding Garoppolo. Despite listening to trade offers all offseason, he remains on the roster.

A new wrinkle was added to the fold today. Rob Lowder of Bluewire Media covers the 49ers and shared the team’s initial depth chart. On the depth chart, Trey Lance is the expected starter but Jimmy Garoppolo is listed fourth among signal callers.

The team could either finally make a trade regarding the Eastern Illinois product or possibly release him. Placing him fourth on the depth chart clearly signals he is not a part of their plans at all. Moving on from him makes the most sense but the longer they linger the bigger a distraction it becomes.

Clearing the Way for Trey Lance and Company

General Manager John Lynch has proven to be a savvy front office leader. He has shown an affinity for making trades that create an immediate impact while also paying good players to stick around. When they drafted Trey Lance, it was seen as a luxury pick on a team coming off a Super Bowl loss just two years prior. Garoppolo was still 29 years old and had shown he could find success in Kyle Shanahan’s offense.

Despite all that, Lynch recognized two things within his own team. Two stars from their 2019 draft class were on the verge of needing to be paid. One in Deebo Samuel has already gotten paid with the other being Nick Bosa. While all signs point to a Bosa deal getting done eventually, the money freed up from moving on from Garoppolo will cover that almost.

What Can Jimmy Garoppolo Prove Somewhere Else?

Back in 2008, the New York Jets were in a similar spot where they had a proven veteran quarterback, but they weren’t sure he could bring them over the hump. The 33rd Team’s own Mike Tannenbaum was the general manager for the Jets at that time and had a tough decision surrounding Chad Pennington. Tannenbaum mentions it is a “very difficult dynamic” and adds “you have to get your team ready but you wanna be fair to the player.”

The Jets had proven to be a great quarterback in the league but ultimately the chance to acquire Brett Favre proved too good a chance to pass up. They would end up cutting Pennington who would have an MVP-like year in Miami with the Dolphins and lead them to the playoffs.

John Lynch is at a similar crossroads where he has already committed to Trey Lance, the only thing left in the air is what happens to Jimmy Garoppolo. When the Jets acquired Favre, they let Pennington go the same day. Tannenbaum hints at the same approach perhaps being best for the Niners. He adds “the best course of action is to get it resolved ASAP.”

At this point, training camps are in full force and most quarterback rooms are set in stone. For Garoppolo to find his way in the door on any specific team is going to prove difficult. What is best for both parties here is to finalize an impending divorce now before it is too late for everyone.

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