Justin Fields is Confident and Ready to Shine

Justin Fields is as confident as he has ever been right now.

His offensive coordinator Luke Getsy worked for me at Pitt in 2010. One thing I will tell you is this, based on having a defensive head coach and the offensive staff they have in place, they are going to run the football.

Confidence is Key

For Justin Fields being confident, it revolves around what they scheming for him. What I saw in practice was quarterback movement, play action and high percentage throws. I’d put that in the terms “quarterback friendly.” How do you get a quarterback confident? You do things he can have success with, and that is what I saw at practice.

I think this is going to be the best thing that has happened to Justin Fields. This isn’t going to be “get five out as quick as you can” and figure who is open on the move. No, I think this is going to be a lot of high-percentage throws. They’re going to utilize his athletic ability with the run-pass option, and he’ll extend plays. He’s already proven that.

He’s confident, and he’s kind of becoming a leader. Nathan Peterman and Trevor Siemian have been with different clubs throughout their careers. Just reading and hearing and seeing him every day, he’s got a lot of support from a lot of the veteran guys already just a couple of weeks into training camp.

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