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Giddings: Titans Reached for Julio Jones

Some observers were ready to elevate Tennessee’s Super Bowl chances earlier this week when they traded for Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones. Mike Giddings of Pro Scout Inc. was not one of them. On this week’s 33rd Team Call, Giddings explained why he thought this was not a good move for the Titans.

The Titans gave up a second-round pick in 2022 and a fourth-round pick in 2023 for Jones. “Way too much,” said Giddings, who focused on the fact that Jones will be the seventh-oldest receiver in the NFL this season and his recent health history has diminished his returns.

Giddings’ scout service ranks players by color, with blue being the best, red second and purple third. A blue player for so much of his career, Giddings said Jones’ age and injury history “gives him 5% odds to play blue or red.”

On the other hand, he noted that a receiver drafted in the second round would have an 84% chance of having at least three years of purple or better.

“Throw in the money,” said Giddings, “I think it was a reach.”

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